Postgraduate Education and Professional Portfolio


PostgraduateEducation and Professional Portfolio

  1. Value of Postgraduate Programs

Thevalue of engaging in postgraduate degree is the development of thenursing skills and decision making abilities. According to Cardillo(2008), the postgraduate increases the knowledge base that a nursehas, both in theory and in practice. This is because the postgraduateprograms are aimed at deepening the depth of knowledge of certainskills. As a result, a nurse gets the knowledge base of informing hisor her decisions. This improves the ability of the nurse

Inaddition, a medical professional should invest in a postgraduatedegree or a program to prepare him or her for nursing administration.This is because the postgraduate educational programs impart theskills of management and development abilities (Cardillo, 2008). Moreimportantly, postgraduate education improves the leadership abilitiesof health care professionals. As a result, a health care officergains the ability to coordinate, organize and inspire otherprofessionals.

  1. Professional Portfolio

Aprofessional portfolio is a collection of information and documentsabout the abilities, qualifications and the skills that a nurse has.The collection is made to primarily illustrate the expertise of anurse and prove his or her qualification for the nursing practice(Sellman &amp Snelling, 2010). Professional portfolios are importantfor job search because they present the competencies that a nurse hasto the prospective employer. As a result, the task of searching for ajob becomes more practical through the use of the professionalportfolios.

Moreimportantly, professional portfolios help in job search by monitoringand communicating the gradual career development of a nurse. This isbecause a professional portfolio presents the competencies acquiredover time, therefore showing the sequence of professional growth.This communicates the sequential professional development to theprospective employers when searching for a job.


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