Positive Feedback


The government is doing the right thing for the people. Thepresident as CEO is elected by tax payers democratically because theyconfidently entrust the individual to create policies and rules,which consider the civilians’ interests. Notably, the presidentworks with congress to assist in making tough decisions. Because theCEO cannot be able to reach out to every tax payer so as to realizetheir policy needs, by working with Congress he ensures effectivenessand efficiency in leading the nation. The congress are the people onthe ground, who research on civilians’ needs and communicate themto the president, then progress to make decisions. Hence, thegovernment does indeed do the right thing for civilians.

The president’s approach following the Ebola outbreak was wellinformed. It is the responsibility of the government under thepresident’s leadership to put in place measures that ensure thewellbeing of all citizens. However, regardless of a well thoughtdecision making process in addressing issues like the Ebola outbreakcitizens must work together with the government. It is not possiblefor government officials to be everywhere at the same time. Thus,society must also take the initiative in protecting themselves. Forinstance, individuals that came into contact with Mr. Duncan musthave taken the initiative to check themselves in a health center forcheck up.

Green (2014) is right in arguing that the response to issuesaffecting America has not been as effective as expected. It is verycrucial to manage information usefully especially when dealing withissues that affect the entire nations. American citizens can becompared to employees, while the government is the company. Just asit is increasingly becoming important for companies to inform andengage employees in every step of their actions, especially during acrisis, the government should also adapt the same approach. Crisismanagement needs the involvement of not just government, but theentire society in order to be managed effectively.


Green, J. (2014). Obama is too cool for crisis management. BloombergBusiness.