Popular Culture and Identity


PopularCulture and Identity

TheOnly Exception”by Paramore

Musicuniquely affects the emotions of both the singer and the audience.People tend to listen to music that reflects their moods. Thus,during happy moments, upbeat music is more favorable while slow musicis appropriate when one is sad. On the other hand, vocal and soundsthat reflect the level of anger and frustrations are appropriate whenan individual is angry and frustrated. One song I like listening tois “TheOnly Exception”by Paramore. This is one of the most famous songs by the Americanrock band. The song was released in February 2010, together with twoother singles. One of the aspects of the song that made it veryfamous includes the vocal performance of Hayley Williams in the song.The song also became popular due to some of the criticism it receivedwhen it was released. As a result, it is considered to be arelatively successful single with major achievement in United Kingdomand Australia. Another important aspect of the song that made itfamous is the storyline in the song. The song gives a story of a girlwho was brought up surrounded by unstable relationships. In theopening stanza of the song, the author talks about one or bothparents cheating on each other or not loving each other anymore.There is no doubt that this is unpleasant situation to grow up in. Ihad heard the song on several occasions. However, the song attractedmy attention when I visited my elder brother, some years back. Hesang the song to me, and downloaded it for me. Since then, I havedeveloped a strong personal connection to the song. Whenever I feellonely and sad, the lyrics in the song uplift me.


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