Policies impacting health care

Policiesimpacting health care

Theterm healthcare policy can be used to refer to the multitude ofregulations, rules and certain guidelines that function in operating,financing and shaping the delivery of healthcare. It occurs as moreof a jumble than one particular policy. The policies on healthcarecover a wide scope when it comes to issues related to health. Theissues include health care financing, mental health, care for thosewith long-term illnesses, disability and those with acute diseasesand even public health.

Amongsome of the policies that impact healthcare, Obamacare provides afull bill document that provides laws on health care. The law is madeup of two parts. The first part is about protection of patients andthe Affordable Care Act. The second part is the Health-care andEducational Reconciliation Act (Pipes, 2010).

TheAffordable Care Act

Thisact is meant to ensure health care that is of quality yet affordableto all Americans. It is also meant to improve coverage for healthcare for American citizens immediately. This does away with theexclusion due to a condition that preexisted or discrimination basedon factors related to health. Every individual is entitled tocoverage so they should be accepted to apply


Havingfocused on the primary problems that the nation faces, the emphasiswas placed on the future of health care and the health-insuranceplan. The reconciliation act aims at providing health insurance forcitizens who are disabled and the retired (above 65 years of age).

TheObamacare law has affected the nursing profession in a sense that, itcreates more employment opportunities for Medicare nurses with theincreasing demand. There is better medical care when nurses increasein number.


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