Please list three goals that you have for yourself right now.

Pleaselist three goals that you have for yourself right now.

Oneof my goals is to achieve educational success up to a master level,with a degree in finance, in Michigan State University. To achievethis goal, I intend to study in the Broad College of business withthe determination inspired by the career goals. To achieve the gradefor the masters’ level, I must achieve better marks in everysubject at the college. With this in mind, I will diligently study toget good grades, not only for my course, but also for better chancesof securing better internships. To further my professional standardsafter the masters’ degree, I will join a professional associationfor finance and business professionals in Michigan State University.

Mysecond goal is starting and incorporating an investment company. Thisgoal is the development of my first goal of success in my career. Theestablishment of my company will be the path that will open me toanother level of financial success through investment. At the sametime, it will be an advancement of my studies in finance and career.However, I will need more than seven years of experience in thefinance industry. Therefore, I will find a job in finance in New Yorkand work for ten years before starting the company. Armed with theacademic success at Michigan State University, and ten years ofworking experience in New York, I will be ready for the businessworld.

Thethird and perhaps the most important goal in my life is to have ahappy family. I understand that I can achieve the highest levels ofcareer development and financial status, but I may not be happy.Therefore, I plan to be wholesomely happy by raising a happy family.I will have a good family by being a good couple and a responsibleparent for the two children I will have. By sacrificing time to raisea family, I will invest my time and resources to build the family.This is important because it will be a quiet place for me to launchmy days in career and business.

Pleaselist three things that you are proud of having done.

Oneof the things I am proud of doing in my life so far is being a leaderin school. During my high school, I was a class monitor for threeyears, a responsibility I am proud of holding. The class monitorresponsibility made me leader in a group of students in the class.During the time, I learned team building skills by organizing myclassmates to get together to help each other and develop solidarityin studies. My organizing skills were later seen in organizing classevents. One of the successful events I organized was a spring outingthat significantly made our classmates be familiar with each other.This reduced conflicts in class and promoted communication. Moreimportantly, it taught me conflict resolution skills by promotingcommunication among people.

Anotherthing I am greatly proud of is making the decision to study abroad atthe University of Western Australia in Perth in Australia for threemonths. This happened when I was in middle school. This period taughtme social skills of appreciating different cultures. As a young boy,I had to try hard to adapt to new cultures, and learn to talk Englishas well as behave differently as Chinese. I learned how to ask forhelp from people, especially in learning English and the Australianculture. After that I became brave and became social with theAustralian students. Fortunately, I gradually adapted the culture andenvironment and became more positive with not only English languagebut foreign cultures.

Thethird thing that I am proud of is having rational thinking skills infinance, and making better investing decisions. I learned to use thestock account that my father gave me get profit, which I achieved inthree months. Despite not knowing much, my father wanted me to learnabout stock with the free time I have in college life. Therefore, Iused the first year in Michigan State University to do some researchand read some books about stocks. For example, I learned that thebull market means the market is on the increase. To practice this, Ipicked a company called YinTai ZiYuan, a non-ferrous metal company. Idecided to buy the company’s stock because I found news that theprice of copper in China had increased. In the first month, thisstock’s price was decreased, but I kept hold this stock, and waitfor the bullish market. After two months I earned almost twothousands RMB. I am particularly proud of this because I made suchprofits through learning, despite having no prior knowledge orexperience with stocks

Pleasewrite a brief summary of your experiences and how they relate to orhave prepared you for the major you are applying to.

Myexperiences have inspired me to focus on the finance major by givingindications that it is the career that I am supposed to pursue. SinceI was in middle level schools and living in the campus, my parentused to give me 300 RMB personal support money every week. I haveprudently managed this money by planning my weekly costs. Through themicro budgeting skills, I have been able to not only sustain mycosts, but also left savings. For example, my daily meals cost me 40RMB on the campus, and for 5 days I spend 15 RMB on some beverage andsnacks. I save the rest of the money for emergency purposes. Withthese small skills, I am convinced that I need to learn finance andlearn the management of financial resources.

Anotherexperience that inspires me towards finance as a major is the SpringFestival in China. In this event, the older people in my family giveme gifts as luck money. When I was 12 years old, I heard from my oldbrother that if I saved the money in a bank, I could earn an annualinterest. As young as I was, I made the financial decision to saveall the luck money I received every year. I gave my brother to savein his deposit account. Currently, my brother tells me that the moneyhas accumulated to 10,025 RMB. All these experiences drive me to acareer in finance. And the best way to launch this career is bytaking finance as my major.