Persuasive Speech Outline

PersuasiveSpeech Outline

AttentionGetter: Imaginethat you are sleeping on the street during a very cold rainy seasonbecause you don’t have parents and you have an empty stomach sinceyou haven’t had anything to eat for five consecutive days. Yourlife depends on someone kind enough to at least give you food or awarm blanket if not a shelter. Nonetheless, you receive a messagefrom your charitable organization that all the people are engaged andevery single coin has been used to other needy people in your similarcondition.

CredibilityMaterials: Regrettably,lack of time, money, resources and talents donors is quite a bigproblem for many street and homeless children and it is possible thata homeless child on the street could be someone related to you orsomeone you know.

Previewof Speech: Today,I would like to tell you the importance of donating your money, time,talents and resources to assist “African Street Kids’ charitablenonprofit organization and how you can be part of this very noblecourse of helping African street children by becoming a donor(Devarajan, 2001).

Bodyof Speech:

Thetruth is there are quite a number of street kids and especially fromAfrica who are in dire need of our help. Their next breath literarydepends on what we are willing to do to get them out of the situationthey are in. Giving out your time, money, resources and talent can goa long way in assisting these vulnerable children (Rowan, 2009).Statistics indicate that every minute, there is a new street child inmost parts of Africa whose parents died because of AIDS. And theproblem is that most of them end up dying in the street due to lackof these important essentials (Hecht, 1998).

Abjectpoverty hasn’t spared most parts of Africa as well. This has madekids to run away from home to the streets.

Inorder to get out of this dilemma, we need most people to donate theirresources and time to help these children.


Ifwe continue sitting and feeling sorry rather than helping, we willnot be solving anything. It’s time we came out and donated theseessentials to help a life somewhere. I have told you the importanceand the need of donating your essentials to help a child’s life. What if the child who died this morning on the street could have beensaved by what you could have donated? Think about it. What if it wasyour loved one?

Dounto others what you would want them to do unto to you. Actuallythese are not just my words. These simple but powerful words comefrom the holy book the Bible.


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