Persuasive Speech Outline

I. Introduction

A. &nbspAttentionGetter. &nbspHere you mention thedirect effect second language study on the students and generalaudience. This is to help capture their attention.

B. &nbspCredibility:In this section you yourpreparedness for the topic and how appealing it is to the audience inaddition to understanding why the audience has serious interest inyour topic. The basis of their interest thus has to be thoroughlyexploited.

II. Need

In this section, you identify the major problemon the ground upon which the audience draws concern for the need of asecond language. This is the point where you issue your researchevidence to help strongly justify the problem at hand in addition tojustifying the consequences.

III. Satisfaction.

After justifying the problems of possessing asingle language which could only be a native language, it isessential that we devise the solutions for that which equally has tobe backed up with advanced research findings. If the problem withpossessing one language lies with the need for a second language ashe best solution than any other, then equally provide essentialevidence.

IV. Visualization.

Clearly address how a second language solution could help eliminatesthe problems of learning a solo language while clearly addressing theconsequences of not adopting such a language.

V. Action/Conclusion. &nbsp

A. Review: In this case you remind the audienceof the problem at hand which in this case refers to acquisition of asolo language, explain its impact on them in addition to giving themworking solutions.

B. Closure: here you give the audience yourremarks on what they need to do so as to enjoy the benefits of asecond language. Give a parting shot as you conclude.