Persuasive Speech on Red Cross


PersuasiveSpeech on Red Cross

RedCross Persuasive Speech

Please Join Red Cross

Topic:Red Cross society is humanitarian based that provides disasterrelief, emergency assistance and education inside the United Statesof America. This society is selected United States affiliate of theinternational Red Crescent and Red Cross societies of theInternational Federation (The American Red Cross, 2008). If you wantto inspire, encourage, facilitate or touch people’s lives that youwill feel proud for the rest of your life? Well here is the place.

PurposeStatement:I will encourage young people to join volunteering activities in RedCross society and impact the lives of the vulnerable people theircommunities and all around the world. There are many opportunitiesfor the young people in this society that are all aimed at making adifference in the society.


  1. Psychographics: This group of audience is the most target group because of their unique characteristics (Irwin, 2013). Just as the organization’s core perspective, they care deeply about the world and its problems. In so they strive to make positive changes as they pursue their purpose in live by wanting to feel needed or wanted in the organization. A combination of accountability and teamwork which is the organization’s main working structure gives them a sense of acknowledgement that the kind of work that they are doing matters and hence must continue with the work (Forsyth, 2005). Their biggest fear is the fear of not succeeding in work or school and loneliness. Therefore Red Cross organization is ideal to this group of young men and women.

  2. Demographics: This is the most populated group of young adults or late teenagers. This group is ideal for Red Cross society because of their responses to world events such as 9/11 attack, school shootings, terrorism and Islam’s extremist activities. All these are disasters that have engulfed the lives of a common American citizen in which the Red Cross society comes to aid.

  3. Verbal Considerations: In discussing the topic, I will use language that resonates with the mixed audience. I will consider that the audience is the composed of diverse generation that is also comprised with many racial backgrounds. As a result of this characteristic the audience will require a speech that is structured and reinforced to resonate with their diverse upbringing.

  4. Nonverbal Consideration: I will consider the eye contact and the things that will motivate the audience to listen. In addition to those techniques I will use an motivational tone to relate to the optimistic generation that is upbeat and exceptionally accomplished. In conclusion show the audience how important it is to work with Red Cross society because they will be waiting for such a message.

Thetalk cards

  1. Talk Card: In the speech, I will clearly illustrate the many advantages and opportunities that are present in the Red Cross Organization. I will focus on many areas of specialization that accommodates variety of young people from diverse specializations as well as preferences.

  2. Content: I will present the cases of the many volunteer activities that young people can comfortably indulge in. Some of the contents displayed in the talk cards are going to be covered in this presentation and will make you understand more.

  3. Style: The style will be to engage the audience to think and reflect. To be persuasive and engaging, my speech will be focused on showing the role of the Red Cross and the importance the organization has in the society.

  4. Audience: because my speech will be focusing on the audience to reflect about Red Cross, I want the audience to respond to my talk card. This will make them understand the organization and role of the Red Cross as a humanitarian body.


Ifyou are passionate about impacting lives positively, then you mayhave had just the opportunity of being part of the world’s leadinghumanitarian company. Red Cross Society is absolutely iconic,recognized and most empathically trusted brand in the world (Suen,2005). After joining the organization you will be able to be a partof a global network that focuses its energy to that ensures thatpeople’s lives are saved and improved. This is through puttingone’s focus to the vulnerable groups from around the world andseeking to find solutions that are favorable raising their livingstandards (Jones, 2012). The focus of discussion will specifically bedirected to the young people and why they should join thisorganization.

TheRed Cross society faces major problems in the blood donation programsdue to struggling economy, increased measures to eligibility todonating blood as well as competition from other types of volunteerrelated activities (Jones, 2012). However it is the world’s largestblood donor organization that is responsible to giving immediateresponse to disaster management in response to donating blood.Illustrations from the National Blood Data centre, Red Crosscollected more than fifteen million units of whole blood and redcells in 2001. Red Blood centers collected close to 93 percent ofdonated blood to hospitals and only left 7 percent that was collectedby the hospitals (The American Red Cross, 2008). This dataillustrates the importance of this organization and the need of moreyoung people in ensuring availability of blood in cases of emergencysituations in response to saving lives.

RedCross society is committed to discharge its activities and contributeeffectively towards healthy and happy societies. Being anon-governmental society it normally bases its activities onsocieties and communities (Suen, 2005). Therefore it creates a uniquebridge that effectively connects the vulnerable people in thesociety, the civil societies and the government. The organization hasenough skills, compassion and unrivalled understanding. The Red Crosssociety needs more members especially the young people in the societyso that it can extensively reach and transfer to those most in need(The American Red Cross, 2008). This is especially to those people inthe society that are facing discrimination as well those who aremarginalized especially the young people.

Youngpeople who are proactive individuals will be granted the opportunityof a responsibility of making a difference in the community. Not onlydoes Red Cross offer unique opportunities for young people to grow inthrough their jobs and learning experiences, it also offerscompetitive benefits and pay while working in this humanitariansector (Irwin, 2013). One will have the opportunity to work and getexposed to both local and international regions. Moreover Red CrossSociety offers the opportunity for an individual to prove their selfworth through making authoritative and autonomous decisions in theirareas of work. I hence request the young people to explore theendless opportunities and stimulating assignments at the Red CrossSociety.


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