Personhood Chart


Thischart contains a grid for different philosophical anthropologies thatanswer the question of personhood.

Completethe following chart in the context of defining what it means to behuman according to Christianity, Materialism, and your own PersonalView. Refer to the assigned reading for explanation ofcharacteristics listed on the left.



Personal View


Every individual is unique and special in his or her own way. People should treat other people equally and as children of God. In addition, love plays a significant role in people’s relations hence, people have capacities to love and to be loved

Perceives people per values, worth and what they can or cannot contribute thus, define people in terms of adding value economic-wise

I hold the Christianity view that humans need love in relations


People are diverse and multidimensional since although they have a physical body, they have souls (Niebuhr, 2005). It is the physical body and the soul that makes up an individual and God has blended the soul and the body into one thing a human being

Believes that people are tangible matter made of energy, but they have no spirit

I have a soul, mind, and the tangible body


During creation, God made humans as sexual beings and categorized them into male and female (McMullin, 2013). Creating people in this way allowed the separation of gender as well as the distinction of people. Being sexual humans also allow people to wed and reproduce. Sexual immorality is a wickedness

People have sexual desires because of evolution and nature (Tomer, 2008). It does not place a wrong or a right aspect to sexual element

I hold the view that God created humans with sexual urges, but we should not let these urges make us sinners and we should only direct the sexual urges to a spouses (married)


People have a moral program as laid out in the Bible. God gave people free will to differentiate wrong and right and follow His commands

Views humans as having an aspect of both right and wrong (Niebuhr, 2005)

God’s commandments define well the aspects of right and wrong


According to Tomer (2008), humans are mortal on earth since their physical bodies will die, but they will live everlasting in paradise as they have souls

Humans will die and cease to exist once the physical body dies. All that remains after death is a corpse

Once we die, out physical bodies will die with us but our souls will live forever

Destined for Eternal Life

Destined for eternal life:

Human’s souls will live eternally either in hell or paradise

Account for material life or what exist on earth and not eternal life

Regardless of where one will go upon judgment, people’s souls will live eternally


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