Personal Thoughts


Thefirst article talks about youth employment where the perspectives ofyoung people as regards the pursuit of decent work in the changingtimes. The article looks at the growing gap in decent work for theyouths globally. It is argued that the youths are not accessingformal employment, which is considered decent because the socialstructure existing in society. The old people find it difficult toallow the youths to access employment since they ensure that the lawsremain unchanged for years locking out youth employment. Otherexternal factors, such as the global economic crisis that hit variousparts of the world, worsen the situation. The political class isreluctant to listen to the youths because allowing them to accessdecent employment is a direct threat to their survival given the factan empowered youth is difficult to exploit. Regarding the trendsexisting as far as access to decent employment is concerned theyouths feel that the education system is discriminatory in natureapart from failing to equip them with the needed skills thatemployers would admire. Consequently, youths feel unsecure at theirplaces of work because they feel they are not doing enough to satisfytheir employers.

Inthe second article, which is also a UN document on health, the waysin which millennium development goals would be achieved are analyzed,the major one being access to quality healthcare. The representativesof various governments met in 2000 and drafted the eight developmentgoals that were to be realized in the year 2015. In the document, thefocus is on three that are directly related to heath, and theyinclude reducing child mortality rates, reduction of mental deaths,and containing the spread of HIV/AIDs.