Personal Relationship


PersonalRelationship with the Nature

PersonalReflection on Relationship with Nature

Asa human being, there should be a close relationship with nature.Nature is the source of life as it provides the necessary things thatall living things require to live. These components are soil, water,plants, air, and animals. According to Aldo Leopold, all theseelements together with the humans form a community (Gorman, 2012).The fact is that for the ecological purpose, all the components ofthe community require each other for the survival. The essay will,therefore, discuss my personal relationship with nature.

Apartfrom the need to conserve nature, I have a personal relationship withit. Nature provides a sense of peace, feelings of belonging andgeneral refreshment (Gorman, 2012). Having nature walks is notenough. As an individual, I love spending time with nature more thananything else. The fresh air, the green environment as well as calmwaters flowing on the land offers a sense of refreshment that Icannot get elsewhere. However, since natural environment isendangered, I spend time taking care of it with the knowledge thatits depletion will compromise the satisfaction I obtain. I delight inparticipating in the environmental conservation activities such ascommunity service, and tree plant among others.

Referringto Aldo`s point of view, a close relationship with the environmentenhances a unique understanding, appreciation and commitment towardspreserving it. Symbiotically, while I protect nature, it gives back:water, oxygen, and food through animals and the plants (Gorman 2012).Good shades, natural waters, reliable rainfall and the greenenvironment are redemptions of human activity, where I belong.Therefore, in the same breath of Aldo I have learnt not to dominatethe environment, but to treat each component as my fellow member ofthe community.


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