Personal Reflection on Class Project


PersonalReflection on Class Project

PersonalReflection on the Shadowing Project

Workingwith the team on the ETC project was a great and an educationalexperience. The period of interaction and working with this team wasof great benefit to us in all dimensions. The way of organization,interaction and how each of the members treated each other was morethan I could have imagined. It was marvelous the way this team workedin unison. They hardly complained about anything at any time. Eachmember was ready to work at any given time as long as the work wasavailable for them. They worked in cooperation with other eachrequiring help from the other. They distributed the work amongthemselves and workedto the full attainment of the fineresults.

Furthermore,the team in the shadowing project had stipulated periodas they decided, and in a realsense this was very awesome. When one was like preparing theenvironment,the other one is elsewhere doing another thing like for example,preparing a certain animation topresenton acertainscene. This teamwork that they had made them has a great production,and it made the large piece of work beseen small and more manageable (ETC, 2015).

Theway at which the team members organized themselves was veryencouraging and touching. We found out that team members were busyresearching on the better way of presenting their production as theywere preparing fordifferent scenes. While some members were busy making and preparingthe scenethe other one was researching on the advance and current ways werethe animations they are making can look like to be the best. The newwayofcharacter animation for the characters thatobtainand practiced or rather taken care of to see how well they will makethe presentation better(ETC, 015).

Itwas awesome the way the members came together to think of better waysthey can put inplaceto also make the presentation better.Therewas a constant exchange of ideas between the members of the team.Where the one with any idea that may seem to improvise their mode ofanimation on different characters or even the mode of productionwould freely say it out, and different views or modifications madeover the same and a common way of being found thus coming up with abetter mode of doing things(ETC, 2015).

It’sso encouraging the way these team members distribute the work to eachother. Each member is assigned a job to partake in towards thecontribution of the production. The individual members weregiventhe field to work in bythe skills each of them has towards a particular job he or she isassigned.It is evident where the team decided to make a scene demo toprove the pipeline.Where Ray has skills in the animation was tofinish animation for the demo, Angela, who had skills in artisticeffects was given a role to play in creating different effects on thedemolike adding fluid into the shell and Qing being skilled inmaterial artist applied materials to all assets on the demo.This aspect of assigning the different roles to team members bywhat they areskilledon clearly tells the factor that led to the production of great andhigh-qualityfilms by this teams as the members exercise total skills as they dotheir work in their respective field (ETC, 2015).

Thiscriterion also led to development improvement of skills of the teammembers intheir respective field of works thus proving chances to expand theirknowledge in the areas. The experience working with the team was alsomotivating in the sense that the creative nature of the team members.The members creativity posed challenges to many of us in the way theycould come up with such techniques of coming up with such uniquemodels and animations in play.

Themembers really utilized and fully exploited their level of knowledgein this field by the type of animation they create. They canmanipulate a particular shape and create something unique out of itin an extraordinary way. This is seen clearly in the a demo to provepipeline where they animated the model in a differentway placed different effects on the same shape and added othermaterials to the animation making it look very different from whatone could expect. The way the members also researched towards theanimation and production also created the aspect of uniqueness intheir animation. These were encouraging and to some extend veryastonishing to look the way in which their animation and films aremade and modified. On our side,it was challengingbecause of the needto exploit and come up with new ways of representing the animationsand films.

Theircreativeness alsosawin the way they take the film as they utilize and maximize on thephoto angle fully. This is contrary to our side where something likethat is very rare. Thus,this seemsvery challenging to us. Interaction with the team members was niceand they seem very welcoming. They treated us very well and as partof the team. The members are social to each other an attribute thatneed to bekeptin any group or team setup.

Theywere very educating by many ways some of which you could observe andlearn by yourselfasthe way they organized themselves and also by the interaction withthem during the production work. They had advanced ways of animationand film production to which you could learn.Theircoordination and challenges they give you also makes you get turnedto their standard of creativity and thus learn one or two things fromthem. In overall the experience was very awesome and motivating withmany aspects learned. It was such that given another chance to visitthe place one could hardly deny going.Many aspectsof learning werethere something that made the place admirable to many who had visitedthere even once or even to those who had not gone there but haveheard the stories of the place.


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