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Personal Marketing Plan


In my marketing plan, I focus on the travel and tourism management. Employers who run travel and tourism companies look for travelagents, cruise directors, tour managers and sales managers. I have aneye on rolling on my career in Colorado. Colorado is among the mostpreferred tourist attraction sites in the United States due to itsbreathtaking landscapes coupled with the wide range of fun outdooractivities. In the industry, the employers require new entrants tohave at least a college degree in tourism related course. Apart fromthe mainstream knowledge of tourism management, employers arecurrently opting to settle for entrants who have acquaintance withinformation communication technology. Most of the companies fastadopting the online platforms to markets their services and woo newclients. The tourism and travel companies in Colorado compete forthe over 10 million clients who visit the region every year. Thesuccess of each company rests with a growing number of serviceseekers, and they, therefore, hire individuals whom they believewould bring an impact in their operations (Blevins, 2014).

In Colorado, I will mainly focus on companies that specifically dealwith travel and tourism due to the predicted growth. In 2014, 71.3million visitors came to Colorado and spent 18.6 billion dollars. Ofthese visitors, 66% confirmed that they would return to enjoy thesceneries and outdoor activities. The number was a 7.4% increase over2013 and it is expected to increase by 5.5% this year. Also, 155,300individuals actively engaged in the tourism industry, and they tookhome 5.1 billion dollars in salaries and benefits. According toRunyan and Associates, there is a projected increase of 7.1% in thenumber of workers in the tourism industry by the end of 2015(Blevins, 2014).


As an individual, have various strengths that would be instrumentalto the development of my career as wee as securing an employmentopportunity. First, I have desirable skills in information and I canbe an asset to a tourism company that uses online platforms to gainnew clients. Secondly, I am can work in the high challengingenvironment since I adapt to a new environment with ease. If I get achance in one of the companies in Colorado, in may be required towork in a different environment in the region, and it would not be achallenge. Another strength that I have cultivates through my collegelife is team leadership. As a tourism manager, I am likely to leadgroups of other employees to achieve a certain objective and it willgive me an opportunity to exploit this skill. However, I have aweakness for travelling for long distance, and it greatly reduces myproductivity. When working, I may not fit in a position that requirefrequent travel over long distances.

During my few months as an intern in a tourism company, I got achance to exploit the learnt skills in class, and I learnt a lot fromthe seniors who supervised me. I gained experience in client handlingand worked in a highly competitive environment. I remember thehappiest moments I had during my internship was when explaining apoint to fellow junior members who turned in from the internshiplater than I did. In orienting them to the operations of the company,I found out that I developed certain contentment. The same thingwould happen when interacting with the clients by explaining to themthe feature of the sceneries they would visit in Colorado. Myhappiness, therefore, seems to come from working in a team ratherthan engaging in activities that ma demands the sole attention. Afriend or close family member would describe as aggressive and goaloriented. I have some collaborators including friends whom Iencountered with during my internship. Most of them were mysupervisors, and I consider them to be valuable sources ofinformation regarding my career.

There is a high possibility of encountering competition fromindividuals with a degree in hospitality management. A major strengththey have is that they specialize in the activities that definetourism, and they can work in diverse fields. However, they lackbusiness administration skills that may be vital in the hospitalityindustry. Employers are looking for individuals who can work indifferent environments by applying diverse skills. A combination ofadministration and skills in hospitality gives me a better edge(Blevins, 2014).

The hospitality industry is under the influence of factors from theexternal environment. Technology is playing a big role in running thehospitality business online. The majority of the companies arepromoting their services in the social media and other onlineplatforms. The social-cultural environment in Colorado directlyinfluences the number of visitors who come to have an experience. Thefun outdoor activities attract many people, and this influences thenumber of clients that companies serve.


1. A strong social networks with people in the hospitalityindustry

2. Ability to work in different environments

3. Strong team leadership skills


1. Inability to travel long distances and remain productive

2. A little experience that does not extend to more than one year

3. Little preference for activities that involve workingindividually


1. A fast growing tourism industry in Colorado

2. The presence of many tourism industries in the region

3. A notable employee preference for individuals with gootechnology skills


1. A highly competitive job-seeking environment due to a bignumber of young professionals

2. The deteriorating nature of roads and rail system in Coloradomight affect the number of visitors and consequently the hiringfrequency of the companies (Sentinel, 2015).

3. The high competition in the industry leads to most companiesemploying individuals with several years of experience and this maylock me out of various positions (Sentinel, 2015).

I am targeting Tour Colorado since it is one of the biggest companiesin the region. The rationale for choosing this company is that itoffers various openings for new entrants and it is one of the bestpaying companies (Spivac, 2015). Fresh degree holders get a chance towork under experienced supervisors, and they gain experience tobecome semi-autonomous.

In presenting myself as different from others in the field, I amconsidering the extra skills that employers look for in candidates inthe hospitality industry like team leadership, knowledge of ICT andremaining current. Although I possess basic skills in these areas, Iam still strengthening them by taking extra classes and engagingteam-building skills.

As a proof of these skills, I am in the process of completingtraining on advanced computer applications. I am also a member oftwo-school group that focuses on taking part in team buildingactivities, and I have managed to facilitate more than fiveteam-building sessions in the two teams.

Marketing Strategy

Target market

I am focusing on the tourism companies operating in Colorado with aspecific option for Colorado tours, of the biggest companies in theregion.


The administration of hospitality operations knowledge that I haveacquired throughout my course will be a principle input for a manycompanies to consider. Also, my skills in computer application andteam leadership will enhance diversity in the company. I considermyself as different because most of the fresh graduates only haveknowledge of their taken course, but I have tried to bring in otheraspects of knowledge to an onto my course. Before graduation, I willhave refined these skills.


In Colorado, a tourism manager earns between 23,000 and 51,000dollars in a year (, 2015). As a new entrant in a company,I expect to receive a salary on the lower scale with a prospect of itrising through the range I gain experience and get increasedresponsibilities. I also expect to receive all the benefits entitledto a worker including medical allowance, transport allowance and paidleaves.


I would prefer working outdoors because I will get a chance toexploit my teambuilding skills and work in a team. Working indoorsmight subject me to lone activities, and I may not be very contentwhile working on them. Also, most of the activities that attracttourist in Colorado are open air (Spivac, 2015). Therefore, it willgive me a chance to plan for activities and gain experience in theprocess.


My main objective in promoting myself to the potential employers isfor them to note easily the skills I possess that may not be presentin many other applicants. My first promotional method is writing anupdated resume that clearly indicates my professional experience andthe extra skills that I possess. Secondly, I am at using ycollaborators to act as my referees and ascertain that I amgoal-oriented and aggressive. Also, while applying to a specificcompany, I will find information on its written and unwritten cultureand integrate it to my knowledge such that the managers wouldconsider giving me an opportunity to make a change in the company. Asa computer applications literate individual, I will take my skills tothe online platform, for example in LinkedIn and highlight myprevious experience and the skills that possess in hospitality andother fields.


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