Personal Experiences and Worldview

PersonalExperiences and Worldview

Kubler-Rossand Kessler (2012) assert that life lessons are windstorms that makeus who we are. They involve working in our smallness, getting rid ofour negativity and finding the best in ourselves and in each other.They also add that humans are there to heal one another in the soulsand spirits. These words remind me of the events of July 27, whichaltered my worldview since then.

Musicand dance cut short my deep slumber on the cold morning of July 27,2007. There were waves of activities as women worked conscientiouslyin the kitchen. The tantalizing aroma, and the unique arrangement ofthe house as well as the extraordinary aesthetics was a tacitsuggestion that this was no ordinary day. I frantically searched forthe calendar. Had I forgotten a special date? My curiosity wasquenched when my mother informed me of the call she received duringthe night that my father and brother were returning home after twoyears.

Immensejoy overwhelmed me for after the long wait they were coming backhome. The two cherished and only men in my life survived two years ina peacekeeping mission in a war-struck country. They were nowreturning home with the other soldiers as triumphant heroes. Memoriesof their presence at home and dignified personalities reminded me ofhow their career was cruel enough to have alienated us.

Minutesto their expected time of arrival, my mother called them to inquireif they were almost home, but their cell phones went answered. I hada bad feeling inside that something was amiss, but my mum insistedthat their battery cell phone batteries probably exhausted thecharge. The sun came down with no signs of them. On their homecomingday, we received news of the way my father and brother lost theirlives in a horrifying car accident due to bad weather. Life has notbeen the same without them. Growing up, I have always experienced thegap that they left in the family.

Thisexperience, engraved in my heart is significant to me because it is aconstant reminder for me to appreciate the people who I have in mylife for any moment they might be gone. I viewed life as meaninglesswithout them, but then here I am, optimistic and ready to face life.It teaches me that no matter what life brings our way we have tokeep moving on and never lose optimism in living and fighting for theones we love.

Mymother’s devastation rose to the point of losing her mind. I havesupported her by accompanying her to counseling sessions and isalways a marvel seeing her smile and laugh amidst the struggles. If Ihad chosen to stay desperate soon after my father and brothersdemise, I would have led a devastating life, with no futureorientation and purpose. The event revealed how strong I am andtrained me always to be equipped for anything.

Idepict the world as an avenue for learning. Each day it gives usopportunities and similarly steals from us what we treasure most. Itis a field with many soccer players. When some players are hurt, theyopt to step out while others play on until they strike the target ofthe game. It is upon us to seize the ball when it is cast our way. Attimes, we may miss it and end up losing but an equal chance of usscoring will always be presented.

Intimes of the worst of circumstances, our best grows from there. Whenwe find the true meaning of these lessons, we also find happy,meaningful lives (Kubler-Ross &amp Kessler).


Kubler-Ross,E., &amp Kessler, D. (2012).Life lessons: How our mortality can teach us about life and living.New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.