Peer Discussion Response Posts


PeerDiscussion Response Posts

PeerComment 1: Emily

Youhave linked the human nature and the environment well. I like the wayyou have explained the story of Adam and Eve, to create a compellingexample of the way human beings and nature should be viewed. I beg todiffer in terms of the example. I think the way Adam and eve lived inthe biblical garden shows that human beings are part and parcel ofthe natural order. The story signifies that human beings are part ofnature, and play a strong role. From that perspective, the two humanbeings were given, the role of taking care of the garden, the nature.I agree with you about the things that make nature and what definesit. I think to maintain the same natural order, human beings must beconsidered part of nature. This will make them a component in notonly using the natural resources, but also in conserving nature.

PeerComment 2: Branden

Iagree with you that human beings should be considered as part ofnature. I like your argument that human beings are natural, and partof other things that are natural. Your argument about creation isreally on point. I agree with you that human beings are the ones whocreate things that are not natural. Therefore, the fact that theycreate unnatural things does not mean that they themselves are notpart of nature. We are natural, and part of nature that is why wecreate things that are not natural, yet we use them. However, thisuse sometimes disturbs the natural order through degradation of theenvironment. Despite that, nothing can be used or explained to makehuman beings be separated from nature. Therefore, human beings arepart of nature. I like your arguments about the relationship of humanbeings and nature, and I think this is the only way to view theissue.