Pakistan counter-terrorism


Acritical look at humanity will clearly show how terrorism has becomea major issue in our society.The hard truth is that humanity isfading away. Day by day, increasing levels of terrorist activitiesare reported all over the world ranging from suicidal missions andattacks, bombasts to target killings just to mention a few. Death,loss, and destruction of property, rape and kidnapping are just someof the aftermath effects of terrorism. Pakistan just like any othercountry in the world has witnessed and experienced the same.

Terroristgroups in Pakistan are responsible for terrorism in the country.Protecting its people from the terrorist activities, the governmentof Pakistan is facing quite some challenges on this one. Theexistence of terrorist groups in Pakistan can be traced back in theyear 2001 according to Khattak, U. G., &amp Iqbal, J. (2015) whenthe American government had Afghanistan invaded forcing the two mainterrorist groups i.e. Al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban to flee toPakistan. These terrorist groups could then execute resistance tothe American troops in Afghanistan from Pakistan. Osama bin Laden aname many would recognize held responsible for the American bombingsof the twin towers leaving many lives lost was the leader of theAl-Qaeda group. Since then, many terrorist groups have been formedand threaten security in Pakistan. Islam is the dominant religion inPakistan. One would argue that this should be a unifying factor forpeople in the country which turns out not to be true.

Islamicmilitancy has taken deep roots in the South Asia country. Mosqueshave turned out to be recruiting areas in Pakistan. Jihadistmovements and groups are day by day taking in young men and womeninto their groups just to strengthen their movements.

Counter-terrorismin Pakistan is not an easy one due to the terrorist activities spreadall over the country. The chief aim of terrorist groups in Pakistanis to undermine and weaken the country`s security so that peopleshould seek protection from the groups. These militant groups wantthe government of Pakistan to bring into existence a new system andthat it should stop hindering the activities by the militant groupsin their controlled zones. A point to note is that the government hasfailed on its part in the provision of basic services such aseducation and better health care. A Common knowledge would depictthat once a government in any country fails to deliver basic servicesto its people it usually culminates into unrests in that country.Therefore, this has been one of the reasons for extremism in Pakistangiven the high rates of unemployment, illiteracy and poor provisionof services to its citizen.

ThePakistan government has come up with a few strategies to enablecurbing of terrorist activities. A national action plan has seen theformation of national counter-terrorism Authority (NACTA) that bringstogether various bodies in the country vested with powers to overseesecurity in the country. This is a major step by the governance as itenables Marshalling together resources towards achieving a commongoal that is curbing terrorism. Working together has enhanced thecollection of information about the terrorist groups, therefore, itis easier to track and thwart any ill efforts from this groups.

Effectiveuse of the media has also come in handy for the Pakistan governmenttowards realizing a peaceful country. Awareness is thus created amongthe people of how important it is to maintain peace in the country.Media, therefore, has become a medium for education to its citizensas it brings out the atrocities committed by the extremist groups.

Revampingand streamlining of the education culture can also be seen as a moveby the government in Pakistan towards reducing illiteracy levels inthe country that will come in handy in reducing the number of youthsbeing recruited into the military groups. The Pakistan government hasreceived support from the west towards the provision of education toits citizens.

Numerousambush and strikes in areas where these militant groups continue tothrive have proved to be reducing the number of terrorism in thecountry. With the support from the west top leaders of these militantgroups have been killed. For instance, under the leadership ofPresident Barrack Obama of the United States of America the Americanmilitary was able to kill Osama bin Laden the leader of the Al-Qaedaterrorist group. Many more leaders of these terrorist groups havealso been killed. This has caused the destruction of these groups.The killing of top officials and leaders makes these military groupsless vulnerable and lethal as they usually loose the sense ofdirection and leadership. Whoever, these attacks seem to drawretaliation from these groups as they normally strike back.

Terrorismshows the lack of humanity. Continued loss of lives through theseactivities is disturbing. People should come together and realizethat life is a gift we should all embrace and be thankful.


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