Asviewed from the skies, New York is one of the cities that one wouldlove to own or have one for his use. The picture is so clear thateven before landing you imagine what it would be like to live there.The yellow taxi cabs, the underground railway system and the manypeople that are in the city streets always in a hurry heading todifferent directions and one seems to have no idea what they appearto be running from.

Youfall in love with it the first time you see it, how well the city isorganized and how everything seems to be in order. Your New York islike a new born baby the first time you see it. However, it has ithas its problems like muggers among other things. That is what manywould call a perfect city, and the truth is, the beauty of it makesit the embodiment of all that is good.

NewYork itself is like the local church in the upcountry sides. The moreyou stay away from home then come back for a visit there is alwayssomething that has changed. The church has been extended, or there isa new way f conducting the service, all these with comparison withNew York is that it multiplies whenever you are not looking at it.The church, however, has its challenges like politics that’s NewYork for some people. The church with all its internal problems itseems perfect to the outside world but different from people who livein it. The church has its rules and regulations and some guidelinesthat will make the members are up to date concerning the churchesfunctions. These acts as the same use as the guide book of the NewYork City, shows the shortcuts, the metro systems among otherimportant places in the city.