Organizational Ethics




Whatorganizational ethics issues are illustrated by this case?

Oneof the organization ethics St.Basil the Great Hospital portrayed wasserving the community by offering charity services to the needy withthe chapel providing a social venue for worship and conductingwedding and funeral services. The sisters of Mary established it withan aim of rendering care to the society. Stakeholders’ interestswere addressed by the fact that the chapel, a section of the hospitalcomplex was bestowed on the patron of hospital administratorsSt.Basil.

Whatcould have been done differently?

Failingto merge with a for profit hospital chain would have made thingscompletely different because it would not be tempted to waiver awayfrom the sole aim of attending to the needs of the community.However, since it happened and somehow continued to win thecommunity’s trust, the O Team should have consulted the views ofother stakeholders who are the other local churches and communityorganizations before deciding on pulling down the chapel with the aimof using the land recovered as a chargeable parking lot for those whocame to the hospital with their own cars. It had been noted that theincreasing attendance to the hospital had become a challenge to thehospital parking space. Naturally, congestion brings concern to anorganization striving to maintain quality of its services (Johnson,2015).

Whatwas the true bottom line in this case?

Theprincipal issue in this case was that the interest of the communityshould have been given priority in any decision concerning thehospital activities and not just the members of the O team.Considering the community as a priority is important in anyorganization that serves the community directly. This would havemaintained the relationship between the hospital and the society aswell as sticking to provision of care services.


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