Organization and Management of a Health Care Facility

Organizationand Management of a Health Care Facility


Hospitalsbeing one of the most important facilities in the world, it is veryimportant for the nation to emphasize on healthcare issues. Withouthospitals, many people will die while others will stay disabled therewhole life. The situation forces nations to concentrate on theconstruction of health facilities and to educate and training peopleon medical issues that will help patients. The hospitalorganizational structure is very strict to ensure that no person isthrowing the system too much. In the hospitals organizationalstructure, we have the board of directors, executives, departmentaladministrators, patient care managers and the service providers. Theboard of directors consists of the influential health care membersand the local communities in general. The board of directors’functions includes recruitment and supervision of the managers,provision of the direction for the organization and the provision ofthe policy based governance system.

Theboard of directors gives the executives the mandate carries out theirdecisions and the smooth day-to-day functioning of the hospital. Thechief executive officer is the one responsible for all that goes onin the hospital. However, modern hospitals have chief nursingofficers, chief medical officers, chief information officers, chieffinancial officers and to some occasion there are chief operatingofficers. This member of executives forms the central coremanagement. The Department administrators are responsible for the onedepartmental or the medical service. These departments include thelabor and delivery, orthopedics, the emergency department, foodservices and billing departments. Their functions are to ensure thatthe departments are well functioning, and nothing is patient careaffecting them. The patients care managers are in every departmentand they include the nurse managers, directors of rehabilitationservices and the supervising physicians who are responsible for thepatients` health and well-being. The service providers in thehospitals compose of the service providing staffs, and they areresponsible for the safety and the health of the patients.

Thehospital mission statement is ‘At 21st Century Solutions HealthCare Hospital we value and recognize each and every person, and weare guided by our desire to save lives. We ensure this through theprovision of physical, spiritual and emotional care of our esteemedpatients. Balancing our commitment to the care of the poor and theneedy with the provision of quality services to the whole community.`The hospital vision is to provide each patient with the world-classcare, service and ensuring equity for all. The rationales for thedevelopment of the mission statement are it gives the hospitaldirection it shows the hospitals` future, and it shapes the hospitalstrategy. The rationale for the development of the hospital visionare motivation and empowerment of the employees as it gives workersthe knowledge to follow in their operations, it acts a goal for thehospital as it encourages employees to work towards achieving it andit mobilizes people to work hard in their activities of saving lives.The vision and the mission statement acts as the direction in whichthe hospital should follow in their daily operations. Thesestatements are of very important in the operation of the hospital asit defines the purpose of the hospital. This means that without themission and vision statement the organization will not have properfunction of being operating.

Ourfeasibility plan for the hiring of the nurses, physicians and theallied professionals are advertising for the post in the newspaper,accept application from all the applicants without any favor,shortlisting should be done for those who have qualified, shortlistedapplicants should be called for the interview, doing the interviewonly those with the desirable characteristics and the qualificationsare allowed and employed into the hospital. The process should befair to all the applicants and should be no favors at all during theentire process. The rationale for the chosen plan is to ensure thathospital hires new people with the required qualification and skills.They ensure that all the processes and the procedures for hiring newstaffs are transparent and understandable all the other staffs andthe members in the hospitals. The feasibility plan will provide aclear and smooth way to do the hiring of the nurses. Qualified staffswill ensure that the hospital is running on the right way, and itwill achieve its targeted objectives without any obstacle from thestaffs. Qualified personnel`s provides high-quality services therebyensuring that the hospital achieves its goal of saving patients`lives. Proper enhanced plans give the hospital certainty of itsfunctions thereby making it easy to run the organization.

Informationtechnology has become one of the most important factors to considerin the operation of the hospitals nowadays. This is becausehealthcare organizations face critical need to manage and controlclinical, financial and operational information in the hospital`soperations. The information system ensures that patients are treatedfaster and accurate and this saves lives to the patients who arebeing affected and they need emergency services. They ensure thatthey are no inefficiencies and the complexities that may affectpatients who are in critical conditions. In the information system,there is better business, better connectivity, and better care andacts as a motivator to ensure use of it in the running of theorganization.

Inthe hospitals, there are pros and cons of using information system.The pros are storing and protecting information`s for the managementof hospitals and the patients, they assist in the automated treatmentof the patients` and they also aid in the communication in thehospitals. With the assistance of information system, theorganization can maintain its important information that assists itin good functioning and smooth running of the hospital. Withoutinformation technology, the hospital will not be able to run wellbecause this time it`s very hard for the hospital to do surgerywithout the appropriate equipment for those purposes. The cons in theusage of information technology in the hospital are they areexpensive to install them in the hospital they lead to jobelimination because they cause unemployment of people in thehospital, and there may be a problem of the security of informationdue to a security breach by the hackers and the fellow employees.

Insummary, hospitals are of very essential for human survival becauseit`s not practical for people to survive without treatment. Properrunning of the hospital is of importance as the patients are theprimary objective of the hospitals establishment. Patient`s healthshould be ensured to be in good shape through the use of qualifiednurses and professionals who uses the right equipment`s in theiroperations. The use of information system in the hospital helps inensuring that the surgeries are done well and faster with a lot ofaccuracies. Emergency departments in the hospitals are doing greatdue to the help of the information system that saves time. The use ofinformation may be expensive due to the abrupt changes in thetechnology that makes the available installed equipment`s obsoletethereby inquiring installment of new equipment. Also, the informationsystem may face security breach due to the availability of thehackers who accesses the system without permission from authorizedpersonnel`s or the permission from the board of directors.

Thehospitals purpose of existence is being explained in the mission andthe vision statement of the hospital. The mission statement tries toexplain the present state of the hospital while the vision explainsthe future state of the hospital. They give the organization thedirection in which it should take in its operations. The hospitalboard of directors gives the executives the responsibility to extracttheir decisions into actions. The executives are responsible for themanagement of the hospital as they control the organization, and theyare questionable to the board of directors in case anything goeswrong. The departmental administrators are the one who deals with thepatient`s one on one with the assistance of the nurses. They makesure patients` health are fine for them to be effective. The serviceproviders are the one giving the health services to the patients inthe hospital. They make sure that the patients are fine physically,emotionally and spiritually as that is what their work is all about.Employment of qualified nurses and allied professionals who use theright information systems in their operations ensures that thehospital achieves its targets of ensuring that patients are safe andsound.


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