Older Adult Advocacy Services

OlderAdult Advocacy Services

OlderAdult Advocacy Services

Boththe government and non-government agencies understand the manychallenges that older adults go through and provided differentservices (such as advocacy) to help older adults lead a quality life.This paper will analyze two of these agencies, including the AmericanAssociation of Retired Persons (AARP) and Commission on LegalProblems for the Elderly (CLPE).


TheAARP was founded in 1958 and its head offices are located inWashington, DC (NCPEA, 2015). The primary function of AARP is toadvocate for and lobby on behalf of its registered members. Some ofthe key services offered by AARP include fraud fighting, protectionof older adult from different types of abuse (such as battery),hunger, homelessness, and isolation. AARP members pay an annual feeof about $ 12 (Law Help, 2015). AARP offers advocacy services forfree, but it may connect older adults with free or low cost legalagencies. AARP is an organization that should be recommended to allolder adults aged 50 years and above, give the wide range of servicesit offers to its members free of charge or at a low price.


Thecommission was created in the year 1994 and its headquarters islocated in Washington, DC. CLPE provides advocacy on all legal issuesaffecting the seniors. The primary function of CLPE is to connect allpeople working on issues affecting older adults. Some of the keyareas that the CLPE specializes in include elder abuse, guardianship,housing needs, long-term care services, and conflict resolutions(American Bar Association, 2015). The commission has a free platformfor sharing information among legal professionals and between olderadults and legal professionals online free of charge. The commissionis highly recommended for older adults, especially those facingissues (such as abuse) that require legal interventions.


Olderadults face numerous issues that require the intervention of agenciescarryout advocacy roles. Advocacy agencies can protect older adultsby delivering direct services to them or sharing information aboutissues that affect the seniors with other agencies and individualswho are willing to give them a helping hand.


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