Occupational Satisfaction


Occupationalsatisfaction is very important and essential in the current world.The type of occupation that an individual undertakes has for longbeen discovered to play a crucial part in their comfort, personalityand even state of health. Gordon’s 1976 proposition about theoccupational impact on both men and women still hold to some extenttoday but the changing dynamics of life have so far altered some ofit. It is indeed true that even today, a man’s occupation is moreimportant to his mental health today but women have also increasinglyjoined this school of thought. With more women schooled and inserious professional engagements, outside occupation has a strongimpact on their mental health as well, (Benjamin&amp Virginia, 2014).

Individualsworking in jobs that do not match their skills of specialization areprone to develop poor mental health conditions because of lack of jobsatisfaction, (William,2010). This means that they perform jobs that they don’t love but simplyhave to do. In addition to that, in the current world mostindividuals get subjected to performing tasks that are very extremelydemanding. These occupational needs serious strain their mentalfunctions and are likely to strongly lead to a state of occupationaldisorder that can lead to mental disorders, (William,2010).

Inreality, occupations need to be well matched with individuals’needs and expectations. This will help avoid occupational disordersthat may result in occupational diseases for those working in riskyenvironments or even other occupation related mental illnesses likestress due to lack of employment or job satisfaction to anindividual. It is thus very prudent that people achieve occupationalsatisfaction to help them live healthier lives and more advancedpersonality comfort.


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