Nutrition and Exercise

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Nutritionand Exercise

Question1 (a)

Nutritionand exercise influence health and well-being. Food provides theessential nutrients required for body processes such as physicalexercises. Exercising requires strength and endurance which areprovided by the food taken. Healthy nutrition and proper exercise topromote physical and mental health (Simon). Good nutrition ensuresthat the brain has the essential nutrients promoting mental activitysuch as memory, thought process. Regular exercise and propernutrition improve mood and energy levels, which translate to a senseof well-being. It also impacts health positively by ensuring properweight control, preventing heart diseases, hypertension, anddiabetes. Additionally, it improves body physique boostingself-esteem (Simon). Exercise and good nutrition can be tailored toshape the desired body and mind by allocating exercise time andtaking a balanced diet.

Question1 (b)

Mycomfort level with the aerobics/gym class environment has beenfluctuating throughout the semester. Aerobic endurance at firstproved to be challenging, especially in completing the long periodsof time allocated to it. However, the exercises were less intense,making it easier to complete the entire exercise period. With time,though I adapted to the exercises and completed them comfortablywithout much strain as before. In addition, I could exercise forlonger periods of time than before. The heart rate range alsoadjusted in the course of the semester. At first, my heart rate shotup to high levels even with moderate exercise. However, as Iexercised more, the heart rate lowered when compared to the firstday. The weight bearing exercises proved to be the most difficultfor me. Initially, my muscles were weak and could not withstand anyweights. However, as the exercise program continued, I gained musclestrength and increased the weights. Finally, the stretching exercisespresented less difficulty with no significant change with time.

Question1 (c)

Circuitaerobics has various benefits in the body. They do not concentrate ona particular body part by rather exercise the entire body (Simon).They As a result, they balance between the major and minor musclegroups, thus promote balance and general health. Circuit aerobicsare, therefore, an excellent way to improve strength and stamina(Simon). They promote endurance during exercise and improvemetabolism in general. I feel that practicing circuit aerobics willpromote a healthier life as it will focus on the body as a whole. Inaddition, it kills the gym boredom by the wide range of exercises toensure consistency which translates to better health. It also allowsme to advance through the various exercise levels steady and gainmaximum results in the minimum time possible.



Reducebody weight of 65 kilograms to 60kgs

Planto adapt simple routines such as taking the stairs in place of theelevator and walking short distances instead of driving.

Maintainbody weight at 60 kilograms and ensure a normal Body Mass Index from20 to 25.

Reducevisible body fat by establishing an exercise routine of 3 times perweek and adopting a healthy diet.

Completelow impact aerobic exercises without much strain through thescheduled exercise times.

Attendsoccer training once a week for one hour and play in the weekendgames.


Advanceto moderate impact aerobic exercises

Ensurea resting heart rate of less than 80beats/minute

Reducevisible body fat and instead gain muscle mass by exercising 4 timesweekly


Reduceresting heart rate to below 70 beats/minute

Performhigh impact aerobic exercises with ease.

Exercise3 times every week to maintain normal BMI range


Maintainthe resting heart rate to below 70 beats per minute

Continuewith the exercise routine thrice a week in addition to playing soccerand other physical routines.

MaintainBMI within normal limits


Maintainthe resting heart rate to below 70 beats per minute and maintain theBMI within normal ranges through exercise and proper nutrition.


Maintainthe resting heart rate to below 70 beats per minute

Maintainbone density and prevent the harmful impact of osteoporosis that isbrought by aging through weight bearing exercises and propernutrition.

Exercise3 times a week for at least 3 hours per session


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