Notes from a Conversation at a Public Space

Notesfrom a Conversation at a Public Space

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Notesfrom a Conversation at a Public Space

Ina public space, people have different conversations and expressthemselves differently in a way that aids in conveying their messageto the person or people they are speaking to. Various expressionsaccompany the sound. A conversation between two people at a cafeteriawas listened to, and notes on the conversation were noted down.

Notesfrom the Conversation

Iappreciate the efforts of the government in ensuring that each childgets educated.

Thegovernment has built schools all over the country and has employed somany teachers to ensure that at least every child gets knowledge.

Parentsare now obliged to take their children to school and avoid excusesbecause education has been made available in every part of thecountry today.

Educationis fundamental, and it can change the status of the family if onlythe children are taken to school to attain this jewel.

Througheducation, the poverty level is lowered in society, and most of thevices in the community reduce as people will end up getting formaljobs or gain skills that will help them earn a living.

Thereis a growing job market with advances in technology and lifestyle.Therefore, any educated individual is guaranteed of employment.

Inthe past, only the financially fortunate had the opportunity ofaccessing education but the move by the government has beenbeneficial even to the less fortunate within the community.

Itseems like the government realized the need to have a nation withgreater knowledge rather than brawn and focused on investing in theeducation of each child despite their financial background.

Thelevel of illiteracy in the nation will drastically reduce followingthe government’s efforts.