New Opportunities in Community Settings

NewOpportunities in Community Settings

Thelandscape of healthcare has shifted a big part where one does nothave to make numerous trips to the hospital or any other healthcarefacility so as to get treated. Community-based nursing is one of theaspects that has shifted grounds where one can receive part of thehealthcare services from the comfort of the community. There is aperception that nurses only provide hands-on health, but that is amisconception. People need to be well aware that a lot goes intonursing and that the nurses at times may offer services such ascounseling as well as remote community support (White and Hall,2006). That does not necessarily require their hands-on approach tothe issues at hand.

Nursingcase management is a unique aspect that has been incorporated intothe healthcare system since it provides a new avenue for handlingpatients. It provides a holistic an all rounded framework in whichnurses can work with the community at a personal level (White andHall, 2006). It is an aspect that is more appropriate for thosetrained in the nursing profession as well as those in the field ofsocial work. In defining the population to be involved in communityhealth nursing, one needs to look at the needs of the community andmatch that with the services they provide. They also need to look atthe level of acceptance of the population and their reaction to theprogram.

Thereare four organizations that practice community case management andthey do this at a local and national level. The first is the AmericanCancer Society funded by the government and caters for cancerpatients. The other is the American Lung Association, which catersfor asthma patients and is funded by the government. The third one isthe American Heart Association, which looks out for cardiovascularinfections and is funded by the government. The last one is theLeukemia and Lymphoma society that takes care of Leukemia patientsand is a non-profit organization funded by corporate.


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