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Narrationfor Slide 1

Welcometo the presentation of the circumstances that I personally found tohave tort liability

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Theowner of this house and the knife should keep the knife in thedesignated place for keeping knives safe. If the victim took theknife from the safe point, the owner will have a defense in case ofany tort law suit. This is important because he will explain why theknife was safe and why the victim is to blame for his own injuries

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Theowner of this gas cooker should do two things to keep him or herselfaway from tort claims. First, he should ensure that the gas is alwaysswitched off after cooking, as a priority for using the gas and afterusing. The second step is to switch off the gas at the gas cylinder,so that the gas cooker will have no gas to burn with. These two stepswill not only prevent tort claims, but also promote safety in thekitchen and the house.

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Theowner of this building or room should keep the door closed, not justas a safety measure but to prevent tort claims. In case there is abreak in or body injury from attacks, the owner will have a defensethat he or she took the most possible protective measures. Inaddition, this owner can install more security features on the door,such as alarms or security metal grills and fortified doors.

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Theowner of this compound is probably a landlord to the tenants livingin the residence. He can reduce tort claims by ensuring the gate isrepaired and able to be under a lock and key at all times. He canalso go further and hire one or two security personnel to watch theresidential compound. This will be a good defense in case of a tortclaim by tenants after a break in at the compound

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Theowner of this building should do two main things to prevent or reducetort claims filed at him. First, he should call for an electrician torepair the specific socket before it harms the people in the house orcause fire. Secondly, the owner should consult an electrician toreview the electric safety status of the entire house. If this socketis like that, then others may probably have problems. This will notonly create a safety measure, but also reduce any potential threatfor a tort claim.