Name of the student

Nameof the student:

Nameof the interviewee: NaiLin


Location:235Albert Ave., East Lansing


CurrentPosition: Restaurant Manager

Education:Lansing Community College, Okemos high school

Questionsand Answers by respondent

  1. What is your job description? /how do you describe what you do?

Iam a restaurant manager, and my role is to ensure that the restaurantoperates efficiently and profitable, at the same time maintaining thereputation and ethos. Another responsibility involves monitoring thebusiness performance, and maintenance high standards of food, health,service and safety. I also combine the strategic planning andday-to-day management activities, for example, shift patternorganization. The roles involve being creative particularly inmarketing and the business development.

  1. What age/s are the people you work with?

Therestaurant is having a share of fast food worker jobs in the UnitedStates. Therefore, the ideal age of people that I work with is 24-50.

  1. How many people do you typically work with at a time?

Thepeople that I work with may be 15 to 20 at a time. Since I also needto monitor the client’s progress while in the restaurant to ensurethat they are satisfied with our products.

  1. What is the excellent way to educate the new employees? For example, if you were going to hire a new chef, what would you tell him on his first day of work?

Managersare the most underrated individual on earth. The best way that I candeal with a new chef is luring the best workers and motivating themso that the new employee can learn from them.

  1. Which is the best way to motivate your employees?

First,I get to learn the things that can increase the motivation of anemployee, and there are different ways to do it. Considering theexternal factors, this may include the nature of task done, theincentive provided which include praise on a remarkable job. Internalfactors are also important which range from personal preferences, andthe factors are related to one another.

  1. What is the reliable way for a new employee to assimilate into the organization?

Oneof the best ways in which I encourage the employee at the restaurantto be incorporated into the organization is involving the socialaspects of learning regarding modeling or at times, they get to learnto do things for others.

  1. How do manage all the employees learning the routines of the restaurant at the same level

Learningis a social process, when I positive reinforce the other employeethrough their action they get to learn. They are usually motivatedand try to copy from their coworkers.

  1. Do you think that through scaffolding you create zones of proximal development for your employees?

Itis quite risky as much s there may be profits the best way throughscaffolding is showing and telling, tapping the prior knowledge andunderstanding the employees.

  1. What are some of the skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed in this job?

Memorizingthe duty and responsibilities is the proper way for one to succeed inthe job

  1. Can you describe an ideal employee?

Anideal employee is the one who is competent and can solve a problemwithin themselves without stereotyping.

  1. Could you describe your company`s management style and the type of manager who fits well with it?

Thecompany management aims at providing advice and learning to grow theteam leadership.

  1. What are some of the skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed in this job?

Cognitiveapprenticeship is encouraged, unlike apprenticeship the former ismore guided experience on the cognitive and meta-cognitive skills,rather than physical skills.

  1. How will responsibilities and performance be measured? By whom?

Themanager does the measurement of performance at work. It is mainlythrough decision-based facts, more importantly for team development.