My Relationship with Nature


MyRelationship with Nature

MyRelationship with Nature

Myrelationship with nature is guided by the fundamental fact that humanbeings are important parts of the natural order. More importantly,the relationship with the nature is guided by the land ethics thatpeople formulate in regard with the utilization of natural resources.According to Gorman (2012), Aldo Leopold argues that the changes madeon the land create a set of uses that define the relationship betweenthe human beings and nature. In my case, I have a cordialrelationship between me and nature. This is because I consider natureto be the most precious and most basic aspect of life. Because of thethings that nature provides to me, such as food, shelter, medicineand aesthetic value, I love giving back to nature by conserving it.

Myrelationship with the environment seeks to support nature, as it alsosupports me. This is because I consider the elements of nature, suchas water, air, plants, water and soil as an important aspect of mylife. I prefer that the use of nature should be done in such a waythat doe not only benefit us as human beings but also benefitsnature. It is for this reason that I personally have a relationshipthat I can describe as symbiotic with nature. I gain from nature andnature gains from me. For example, the garden back at home providesour family with flowers, with me being the lover of such flowers. Onthe other hand, I take care of the garden around my house back home,and I always make sure it is watered and the flower plants pruned.This example shows the two-way traffic relationship where naturegains from me and I gain from it. As presented by Aldo Leopold, thisshows how cordial human beings can relate to nature.


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