My Life with an Alcoholic Father

MyLife with an Alcoholic Father

Itwas said that every cloud had a positive aspect but throughout ourclouds the positive aspect was far from it and us was a thing we hadnever had a thought that it would ever come. After my mother’sextramarital affair and her elusion with her lover, my fathersuffered from stress and sought a way to fight with this stress,which had eventually taken a wrong turn to depression. I was onlyfifteen by then and my once responsible father had taken a turn to bean irresponsible father. He never provided for me as his daughter andI had to drop out of school to provide for our family, as I was theeldest daughter among four children. I could feel the alcoholism of,my father take away my childhood away and I felt sad, and distressed.

Thedepression was because of the fact that I could not experience schoolnor experiences all it could offer and had in stall for media decidedto go round the city in a bid to get a job that could at least pay meenough to sustain my family. I began looking for work but I could notfind it since I was only a child with no education, no experience,and I lacked the motivation of my only parent who was alive since hewas always drunk. Moreover, he did not provide for me theunconditional love and support he was expected as a parent to providefor me. After a long toil, I got a job at a casino as a bartender.The few money I was paid I took home to my siblings for them to getsomething to eat and at times my father could grab all I had workedfor and go to a pub and drink all the money and in days like thesewe had to sleep hungry.

Asmy father continued with his alcoholism habit, he continued to becomemore lethal and he even chased us out of the house. Therefore, weslept outside where my younger ones were exposed to cold, rain whenit was rainy, and at times bit us thoroughly for something we had notdone .There is one night when my father was very drunk and he camehome late in the night. I opened the door for him and all he did washit me and he carried me to my bedroom and he raped media felt so sadand felt as if I had betrayed my dead mother and opted to commitsuicide through hanging myself. As I was doing this, a voice fromwithin told me not to but thinking of my dead mother I had to. Myyoungest brother, Steven came to where I was, I could see innocenceand sadness from his face, and I thought what he would be without meand how he would live with my alcoholic father. I was not successfulin my suicide mission.

Mydad was fired from work and that was an added burden to me since Inow had five stomachs to feed. I felt depressed and went to work asusual where it was a rule for all bartenders to act lose in a bid toearn more money for the casino and they had to sell their bodies andat times strip so as to add more to their pay as well as earn morefor the casino. I, with no exception had to do as the otherbartenders did obeying the saying that when you go to Rome do as theRomans do. One morning as I was coming from the casino, I met mylittle sister Staph on the same bed with my father (Good, William,and Bill Jensen 39). I was filled with anger and hit my father aslap, which made him dawn on reality that he had raped two of thedaughters who were his and they belonged to the woman he loved mostin his life. He felt very apologetic but he could do nothing sincethe worst had already happened. I remember asking him why he broughtus to this world if raping, women and alcoholism was all he knew.

Ireminded him of how responsible he was when mom was alive and how hetook us to vacations outside country and took us to school everymorning. He left the room suddenly and I had no doubt he went to dohis job, which was drinking. I then took Steph to the hospital andthe doctor assured me she could be fine and it paid her bills withthe pay I got that previous night from the casino. In a few days, Iwas vomiting and I had general body weakness. I went to the hospitaland it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I cried and were verystressed since I did not know whom who was the father of my baby andthe worst though came to me that maybe my father was the father of myunborn baby. That night I went to the casino and I was doing my work,I met an elderly man by the name John Grisons who recognised mediadid not know him and he later introduced himself as my late mother’sboss. He wondered why I was working in a club yet I was at a veryyoung age (Frank 38). I commenced to cry and he consoled me and hetook me to his house where I met his wife and the two of them gave mefood and I began to tell them my story that is my life with analcoholic father and how my father had turned our once happy familyto a living hell. They decided to help me and that same night I tookthem to the house where we met my father beating up my siblings sincehe was under the influence of alcohol. Mr. John Guisons stopped himand made an urgent call to the Ilinois rehabilitation centre where mydad was to be taken to recover from alcohol addiction.

Thepractitioners from the centre came and my dad was very rebellious togo with them but he was injected and slept and he was taken away.John and his wife then took my siblings to the hospital where theirinjuries were nursed. Later Mr and Mrs.Guisons adopted us since theyMrs.Guisons could not conceive. They loved us, took care of us andtook us back to school and they convinced me to keep my pregnancy.

Aftertwo years, my father died of liver cirrhosis yes it was very painfulbesides the inhumane acts he did to us under the influence ofalcohol. However, despite his alcoholism, he was still our father andwe gave him a befitting burial. Alcoholic parents negatively affecttheir children since they lack support, love and the motivation tolive and they turn to be irresponsible.


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