Music and Electrical Engineering

Musicand Electrical Engineering

Inmy semester paper, I am going to discuss music and how it is not somuch different from my major electrical engineering. By definition,music is the use of vocal or instruments and their sounds to producea form of beauty, harmony and manifestation of emotion. Anotherdefinition can be the written or made signs representing vocal orinstrumental sound. In this essay, I am going to discuss how I cancompare electrical engineering to music and how they both correlate.Electrical engineering is a field that mostly deals with electricity,electromagnetism and electronic applications.

Comparingmusic to electrical engineering

WhenI look at music and electrical engineering, I see them as twodisciplines that are alike. The purpose I am saying this is becauseto come up with something either in music or electrical engineeringit takes a lot of procedures so as to produce the required music orelectrical application. Therefore, I will compare music to the stepsin which one takes to build an electrical application. I will usemusic regarding a song. Therefore, I will compare the procedurestaken to make a song with that of an electrical application. Butbefore that we have to acknowledge that going to school is a must forboth disciplines. It is perceived that when it comes to music on doesnot have to go school but for you to be able to write that song youmust have at least have gone to school. Therefore, it is mandatorythat one should attend school and finish school. This will give themthe required knowledge to face the world. The first step when comingup with a song is an idea about what the song will be about. This thesame as when coming up with an idea of what your electronicapplication will do. In the first step, we just have an idea of whatwe want but we have not yet determined the things that we will needto come up with the song. Therefore, the next will be followed bydetermining what will be needed to come up with the song. The songwill be written down and edited for errors that it might have, sucherrors might be that the message is not clear enough. This can becompared to when writing the procedure of the electronic applicationyou have to come up with the things you need. The next step is to thestudio to record the song you try to find the perfect beat for thesong that might take a long time. In the making of the electronicapplication, the same will apply where we find we spend our time inthe lab trying to build on the application. The next step would be totry edit or polish the song so as remove the voice errors that mightbe there. This is a very crucial step because after the step we willhave to present the music to producers and hope that they like thesong and mass produce it. I can compare this with after making theprototype application we have to present the device to a panel thathelp us market the application. If they accept the device, we willdiscuss ways of mass production. The same will apply with music ifthe producers like the music then production of the music will begin.It is also critical to note that in this step the product might bedeclined to lead to going back to the workshop and try to correct themistakes that made the product be decline. If we assume that theproduct is a success, then the next will be mass production. Inmusic, it will involve selling the song to radio stations that willair the song and after selling it to individuals. When it comes tothe electronic device after being approved it will be taken toinvestors who will decide if they will mass produce or buy theproduct for their use. The option to sell the device or sell a partof the share of the device rests on the decision the investors willmake. The following step in music will be artists performing thesongs in concerts this will make the song more known to the world soas to sell the music. With the device it will mean that they willmarket the device to the world, this might involve creating advertsthat will be aired on national television. After doing the necessaryadvertisements and it reaches a point that we no longer make moneyout of the products go to another step of producing a second versionthat is better than the first. This step in music will refer totrying to create a remix of the song, creating the remix will bedependent on the sales that the song made. If the song made a lot ofprofits, then it would be better to come up with a remix. A remix isa better version of the song, the difference might change of certainlines in the lyrics and change of beat (Olson,1967). When it comes tothe device, the inventors will decide to come up with a secondversion of the device that will be much better than the first. Forexample, the second remake will have more features than the first andalso the second device will be a chance for the inventors to correctbug issues that customers had complained earlier. The device willsell providing that it is better than the first one.

Fromthe above comparisons, we can see that music and electricalengineering are the same because of the things it involves whencoming up with something, for music will be a song and in electricalengineering is the electronic application.

Howmusic is inherently the same as electrical engineering

Bydefinition inherently means something is a part of something, for ourcase it means that music is a part of electrical engineering. Musicis a part of electrical engineering because if it were not forelectronic engineering, music would not have been the way it istoday. In today’s world, we can access any music just by searchingit on the internet and downloading it. It can, therefore, be saidthat it is through electrical engineering that we can get music(Olson, 1967). This is because if it was not for the inventions madeelectrical engineers we would not have the internet. It throughelectrical engineering that it is possible to record songs and beable to listen to them at any time. Without inventions in electricalengineering, the world would not be able to connect through music.Electrical engineering has made life simpler when it comes to music.A good example would be comparing the basic guitar and the electricguitar, both can do the same function, but the basic guitar cannot beused in concerts because it is not loud enough as the electricguitar. Music has also helped a lot in improving the capabilities ofthe electrical engineers. For example, when using the basic guitarwas needed for the engineers to find a way in which they can helpmusicians be able to make their music be listened to widespread. Itis through this manner of pressure that made electrical engineers beable to come with such ideas to make music better. In today’sworld, every musical instrument is electrically made through theachievements in electrical engineering (Olson, 1967). It can,therefore, be concluded that music is a part of electricalengineering and vice versa.


Fromthe above research, it is safe to that there are no major differencesbetween music and electrical engineering. The hustle they both facewhen coming up with a new product/song is no different from oneanother. The steps taken to come up with the products/songs are thesame in both cases. It can also be noted that music and electricalengineering have come a long way meaning throughout history it isthrough musicians and electrical engineers. The processes involved incoming up with a song or an electrical take a lot of time andpatience before the final product is released. It’s also noted thatmusic is inherently the same as electrical engineering. It can alsobe noted that both music and electrical engineering jobs pay verywell in today’s society. People do earn a living from the twodisciplines as compared to old times when it was not appreciated ifyou were a musician or an electrical engineer. I can finalize bysaying that music and electrical engineering is what will shape thisworld for the future.


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