Morbidity and Mortality

Morbidityand Mortality

Morbidityand Mortality

LeadingCauses of Death

KhanNyugen (Week2 Discussion)

Youreported on the leading causes of death in Harris County. Accordingto your report the heart disease and cancer mortality rates areabsolutely alarming. You went ahead and supported your claim bygiving figures and doing a general study from the website. Yourdiscussion about the two leading causes of death are very correct.You should have however mentioned other causes as well. Thediscussion on adults, age 18-64, is rather general though. It isbetter split into two groups or so differentiating the mortalityrates and how cancer and heart disease affect both groups. Cancer andheart disease do not affect adults at 18-30 the same way it does tothose at 50-64. You could also consider asking questions like why iscancer on the rise in Harris County? What can be done to stop heartdisease? Are children below the age of 18 also prone to thesediseases?

CaseySponsler (Week2 Discussion)

Youlooked at Parker County in your report. Viewing the top three causesof deaths, cardiac related diseases were the leading cause fordeaths. You went ahead to explain the reason why there are startlingdeath rates due to cardiac related diseases. Mentioning diet as thereason for obesity in most people and the fact that there is a vastamount of ranch land is a good approach to finding a solution tominimize such deaths. You also noted your role as a nurse toalleviate these conditions. From your research mortality rates due todiseases of the heart decreased between the years 2008-2009. Thequestion is, what was done to see deaths go down? What can be done toensure less deaths from these particular causes?


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