Mocositis Sample




Inresearch, a researcher has to use a sample in coming up with resultsof the research. A Sample is a subset of a given population that isused by a researcher in establishing a certain characteristicassociated with the population that it represents. In the researchunder study, the sample comprised of Pediatric Oncology andHematology nurses.


Inresearch, a sample size entails the number of observations that areincluded in a research. A researcher has to ensure that he chooses asample size that is capable of representing the population underconsideration in a good manner. The sample size is a significantaspect in any empirical study where the chief aim is to makedeductions about the population where the sample comes from. In theresearch under consideration, the sample size used was 300 this isbecause the surveys were only distributed to a population sample of300 Pediatric Oncology and Hematology nurses.


Inresearch, sample attributes refer to the properties that areexhibited by the sample that is, these are the characteristics thata subset of a population must have for it to be selected as a sample.In the research under consideration, one of the sample attributes wasthat one had to be Pediatric Oncology nurse or a Hematology nurse inorder to be included in the sample. This is so because the purpose ofthe study was focused on pediatric oncology and hematology nurses.Also, another sample attribute in the research under considerationwas that one had to have knowledge on oral health care because thequestionnaires that were used were assessing oral health care needsfor pediatric oncology patients.