MLA Formatting and Why Use It

MLAFormatting and Why Use It

Inacademic writing, integrity is not only important, but also anecessity in presenting information and knowledge gained. Afterstudying the content the MLA citation style, I have come to concludethat the style provides a great deal of integrity, which is a keyrequirement in research writing. Therefore, I was curious to learnthe main aspects of the MLA citation style and how it helps anacademic writer to promote academic integrity. The MLA also promotesacademic integrity because it requires citations done and specificpage numbers given, from where the external information is sourcedfrom. This makes the style one of the most specific academic writingstyles. I learned that the MLA allows a researcher to recognize thefull names of the author in the works cited page. Unlike the APA thatonly takes the last name and initials, MLA requires the last name andthe other names. This makes MLA the citation style that I findappropriate. This influenced my choice of MLA as it promotes academicintegrity is what I learned and prioritized most in my mind.

Inaddition, I learned that knowledge sourced from other people’s workshould be acknowledged in the last page as “Works Cited.” Irealized the acknowledgement communicates to the reader that theinformation presented in a piece of academic writing is credible. Inthis regard, I learned that one of the most important ways ofavoiding plagiarism and presenting academically valid writings isthrough the listing of the sources in this “Works Cited” Page.Moreover, MLA style allows the writer to state personal informationand that of the institution being presented to, all on page one.Therefore, I find MLA being a good and an appropriate style topresent academic writings. More importantly, I gained knowledge ofhow to become a better academic writer in my academic course.