refer to electromagnetic waves employed in radar and foodpreparation. During their invention, microwaves were commonlyemployed in radar systems. The radar makes use of radiation indetecting the array, distance as well as diverse characteristics ofsensing devices. However, microwaves are largely associated with foodpreparation. have been used in creating the microwaveoven. Microwave ovens have an electric device known as the cavitymagnetron that creates microwave energy. The oven has a metalenclosure and waveguide that makes it possible to trap microwaveenergy. Once trapped, it is absorbed in food or other substancesplaced inside the oven.

In the following discussion, the paper summarizes how microwaveswere invented and progresses to discuss the social impact ofmicrowaves with a specific focus on the microwave oven.

Similar to majority of today’s remarkable inventions, microwavesare a by-product of a different technology. During the development ofradar by the American military in the 1940s, the scientists as wellexperimented with microwaves. During one of the radar-related tasks,a scientist working with Raytheon Corporation known as Dr. PercySpencer detected an unusual reaction. While experimenting on a newvacuum, then referred to as a magnetron, Dr. Percy noticed themelting of a candy bar he had put in his pocket. Surprised, thescientist tried something different. He experimented by placingpopcorn kernels close to the magnetron, which started to pop andsputter. This only encouraged further experiments by Spencer.

He resolved to place an egg close to the magnetron. Together withanother workmate, they observed the egg vibrating. There was anintense increase in temperature surrounding the egg leading tointernal pressure. The egg finally exploded. The experiments resultedin a scientific discovery. The candy melting, popping popcorn andexplosion of the egg, were a result of exposing them to microwaveenergy. Hence, if it was possible to cook an egg so fast, Spencerbegan to question the same possibility with other food typesresulting in a series of experiments. He constructed a metal box thathad a frontal opening. By feeding the metal box with microwave power,he realized that food placed inside the box could increase intemperature at a fast rate. This resulted in the invention ofmicrowaves and their use in cooking food.

, in specific, their consequential invention of microwaveovens have revolutionized gender roles. During the invention of thetechnology, domestic roles were defined. The woman was mainly a stayat home mother in charge of managing the house and cooking. It wasuncommon for men to be found in the kitchen cooking as they wereoften working. Notably, at the time, many people did not outwardlybuy into the idea of having a microwave. Years later, in the 1960sand 70s, countries were urbanizing at a fast rate. The role of womenwas no longer confined to staying at home. Rapid urbanizationresulted in equal opportunities for women. They could also go toschool and work. The widespread knowledge of microwave technology atthe same time led to its use in many households. As women were awayworking, it meant that they could only prepare meals once back fromwork. At times, the women would get home late, which placed pressureon conventional gender roles. As women were making significantcontributions in the financial contributions of their households, itbecame acceptable for men to assist in household chores. Husbandscould also prepare meals in the absence of their wives. Microwaveovens acted as the most suitable way for men to prepare food. It issimple to use the microwave and does not require long procedures inpreparing food when compared to conventional methods.

Microwave ovens have made it possible for all members of society toprepare food in fast and safe manners. Using microwaves in foodpreparation is as simple as putting the food inside the microwaveoven and setting the timer correctly. Conventional cooking methodslike wood-burning have been replaced by gas cookers as well aselectric stoves. Wood burning would take a lot of time, from theprocess of cutting the wood into smaller pieces and starting a fire.Gas and electric cookers, in turn reduced the time taken to preparefood as compared to wood-burning. However, they require a lot ofcaution when using. Any wrong step results in immense harm. Forinstance, gas leakage can result in an explosion once fire is lightednear the source of leakage. An electric fault within the electricstove may result in fire. This implies that there are numerous fearsassociated with gas and electric cooking methods. On the other hand,microwave ovens are safer to use when compared to these alternativetechnologies. Although people may argues that microwave ovens mayequally be subject to electric faults, it is highly unlikely that afaulty microwave will cause a fire as compared to a faulty electriccooker. Microwave ovens do not use gas, thus there is no fear of gasleakage. Also, no preparation is needed like lighting a fire. Hence,microwave ovens are fast and safe to use.

The microwave oven is convenient for many parents. This is becausechildren can use the microwave oven to prepare food when parents arenot around. Nowadays, most parents spend longer hours working. Thismeans that they barely have enough time to be at home in time toprepare meals for their children. At times, parents often have tohold meetings after work, which may take long. Such problems haveeasily been solved with microwave technology. It is possible forolder children to take portions of food preserved in the fridge andheat it using the microwave oven. In case of any problems using themicrowave oven, children can simply call their parents and getdirections on how to use. Hence, the microwave world has resulted inmore convenience in parent’s life, specifically when working forlong hours. They do not have to worry about getting home in time toprepare meals for their children.

In conclusion, microwaves have resulted in important social impacts.Considering that the scientist Spencer invented the use of microwaveswhile performing a different experiment, the invention is a necessarysocial necessity. technology resulted in invention of themicrowave oven, which is a common household application. Followingits invention, gender roles were revolutionized as males could nowcook, using the simple technology of preparing food. Microwave ovensare fast and safe to use when compared to conventional wood-burningor complementary gas and electric cookers. Also, microwave ovens areconvenient for parents. Since children can use the appliance toprepare food, parents are able to work for longer hours withoutworrying if their children have eaten or not.