Media and American Popular Culture

Mediaand American Popular Culture


Mediaand American Popular Culture

Massmedia is a key aspect of American popular culture that manifestsitself in all life situations. Indeed, this is no longer limited tothe newspaper and television, that were the main channels in theprevious times but rather, has expanded to include almost all facetsof our daily lives. Ideally, popular culture relates to arts or thecommercialized leisure activities broadly accessible to a largenumber of Americans either through mass media production that ismusic, television and radio just to mention. As research reveals, thevarious forms of media share a common bond in the sense that theymainly focus on addressing issues relating to American popularculture and thus an important point worth mentioning (Bolton, Olsson&amp Kungliga, 2010). It is therefore worth stating that in as muchas the different forms of media focus on relaying information, theaspect of popular culture is what makes binds them all together.

Asstudies reveal, each of the various forms of media present uniquecapabilities in terms of influencing audiences and thus it isimperative to have good understanding on the same (Bolton, Olsson &ampKungliga, 2010). Concisely, since television as a form of media isaffordable and a must have in every modern have, it is sufficientlyevident that it would appeal to a larger mass of people and thereforepowerful in terms of influencing audiences. As compared to thenewspaper, it is a fact that not all people read newspapers on adaily basis and therefore a newspaper would present a less likelihoodof influencing an audience as compared to the television. On the samefront, the form of media that appears problematic is the radio sincewith the current technological advancements, the radio continues tobecome less popular and thus an important point worth mentioning.

Inconclusion, it is worth stating that knowledge on media and Americanpopular culture is essential, as this would help in exposing one to abroad range of perspective and voices on media issues. Clearly, thisis because such an area of study explores the level of persuasivenessof the various forms of media and thus very vital.


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