Marry Apple Juice’s Marketing Strategy


MarryApple Juice’s Marketing Strategy

Thecompany`s Pricing, branding and distribution strategies


Theprices will be pocket-friendly. Each size will have a price that willbe stabilized from the company. The prices, therefore, will be taggedon the containers so that the distributors will not take advantage ofthe consumers. The company will not use the pricing to compete withthe competitors. The reason for this is that the company takes intoconsideration for the consumers. We would wish to offer a qualityjuice that is affordable by consumers as well as meeting other needsof our customers. Therefore, the prices will not be hiked beyond theregular prices. The company will put some factors into considerationto rate the brand. These factors include the cost of production, thetarget profit as well as the competitors` prices (Kotler &amp Keller2012).


Brandingdetermines the level of prestige associated with the brand. Thecompany wishes to make branding an enticement to the customers. Thebrand contains suitable containers as per the logo of the Marry AppleJuice Company. The bottles also come in sizes that will help servethe needs of the consumers. The branding will be unique, and it willcontain each health benefit from the drink.


Thedistribution system will contain all levels of distributors. Thebrand will be distributed through wholesale and the retailers (Kotler&amp Keller 2012). Since the company will regulate the prices, thedealers will not take advantage of the customers, and, therefore, theprices will not be hiked through the distribution chain. Our targetmarket ranges from children to adults. The reason is that the juiceis produced using fruits, and, therefore, it is friendly to everyone.The juice can be consumed at home while travelling, when hiking andanytime everywhere. Therefore, we desire to make our brand availableto everyone at any places, and it is the reason we are using theretailers to distribute the juice to all places.


  • Minute Maid Apple Juice

  • Apple and Eve Apple Juice

  • Motts

  • Juicy Juice


  • All other brands

  • Juices from other fruits

Competitors`major strengths

Inan event of SWOT analysis, the company took into consideration toanalyzing the major strengths and the weaknesses of the competitors.The action aimed at having greater advantages as compared to thecompetitors as well as taking advantage of the weaknesses of thecompetitors. The analysis also aimed at enabling the company to placeitself in the market regarding their strengths and the weaknesses.The following are the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors


  • Some companies have operated for long. Therefore, they have already established the brand name to the consumers.

  • Some juice companies produce natural juices

  • Other companies have a broad range of variety of juices apparently from other fruits. Some also offer more than the drinks

  • Some of the companies have particular advertisements that contain fonts that are attractive to all ages. The ads also focus on the beverages` nutrients and benefits.

  • Some companies use flash pasteurization process for the sanitization of the drinks without affecting the taste of the drinks.


  • Some drinks are highly perishable since they have a short shelf life

  • Companies lack substantial name recognition despite their establishment for many years. It may result from inadequate packaging as well as low quality of the drinks.

  • Some companies use sugar in their drinks and, therefore, may be discriminating against the individuals who want sugar-free beverages.

  • Natural disasters, as well as disease outbreaks of fruits and vegetables, may affect the supply despite the high demand for the drinks.

Differentiationstrategy about the closest competitor

Thecompany is up to the standard to shine over the competitors. Thereare several strategies put in place to out-shine the closestcompetitors. These are

Uniqueselling plan

Thesale plan set in place will facilitate the expansion of the market.Therefore, the brand will manage to compete with others locally andinternationally. The product will be available at all levels and,therefore, it will also be accessible to the consumers. The sellingplan will involve the online marketing where we will have the onlinemarketers of the brand. The employees will also be encouraged to senda promotional message to the social websites attached to the linkthat the customers will access. That way, the market will bewidespread.

Customerbased services

Thecompany aims at putting the needs of the consumers intoconsideration. Apart from making the drinks available, the companywill offer delivery services. The services will be posted online onthe enterprise`s website. The consumers will have an opportunity tochoose their preferred shipping services. The company will also offerthe preservation services. The services involve an offer ofrefrigerators since the drinks are supposed to be kept at aparticular temperature. Therefore, we will help the retailers inkeeping the drinks fresh for the consumption.


Thecompany also aims at producing an out-shining apple juice quality.The quality of fruits will be well selected and hand-cleaned understrict inspection. The juice will be produced while putting intoconsideration the market demand. The company will ensure that thequality of the brand is not compromised and that in all seasons thejuice will remain natural from the fruits. The company will alsofacilitate an advanced product in all seasons even in the situationswhen the fruits will have a disease outbreak.

Company`sintention to be a leader

Thecompany aims at leading while others follow. The choice of one brandhelps in the concentration of the quality to make the productcompetent to other products. With time, the company will considerdiversity regarding drinks and other foods. Our brand needs to sing.It has a purpose to accomplish. Therefore, the company will look intoit to ensure that the mission is accomplished. The accomplishment ofthe mission and the vision will see the company at the top and leadas a good example to other firms. Since the product itself isstrength, the quality will star in the industry as it will not becompromised at any given time.

Wedesire to offer the best services to the consumers. In addition tothis, they will get a quality product that will serve their interestas well as boost their health. The company will also try to create agood environment for the managers and the employees. The employeeswill be well attended, and they will be made comfortable. Theinterests of the stakeholders will also be met as their vision willbe accomplished. Therefore, by all means and in all ways the companywill take a lead and will set an example of how to handle thecustomers, the employees as well as the stakeholders.

Socialmedia and media tools used to develop the plan.

Themedia will preferably be used to reach out to the people. Theprofiles of the company in the social media networks will containrelevant information about the product and company profile. Thecustomers will get the links that will get to us, and they will havea competent consultant to attend to them in the case of any question.Therefore, the company will require the services of onlineadvertisers. Therefore, the company will also hire skilledadvertisers and train them on marketing language. According to Aaker(2006), training advertisers improvestheir skills in engaging with customers and promotes betterrelationship between the company and buyers. In addition, theinformation displayed on social media will be attractive enough tocapture the attention of the customers.

TheUse of the Website

Thecompany has an existing website. The site is intended to providemaximum information about the company as well as the benefits of theproduct being produced. The site will direct the customers on how toaccess the drinks depending on their location. The clients whorequire delivery will also enquire through the website as there willbe links provided that will link them to our attendant. The websitewill also have the links to help the customers buy and order theproduct online such that the product will be shipped to the countryof their choice. The online service will also have a chat site wherethe customers will have someone to answer their questions regardingthe company and the drink. The attendant in that sector will be awell-trained person who has a real knowledge of the enterprise sothat they will manage to answer all the questions accurately.

Theonline service will entirely be customer based. The customers will beupdated on new strategies to serve them better. They will also haveroom to suggest the best way we can serve them better. They will alsobe allowed to make complaints and tell us on where to improve whenserving. According to Aaker(2006), suchfeedback helps companies to correct mistakes provide the bestservices as per the changing customer interests. The company willtake up the challenge of attending to personal needs of each customerand will use the mistakes highlighted as the basis for providingbetter services. Businesses seek to utilize the high connectivity inthe internet to promote their businesses in the new online market(Kotler &amp Keller 2012). Therefore, our customers will not have achallenge of accessing us as they can quickly access the internetthrough their phones and computers as well as other gadgets at allthe time and in any place. However, since the customers will needanother forum to know about the website, we need a medium to informthem through advertisements.


Theuse of television is very accurate. Nowadays, a considerablepercentage of people use television at least once in a day.Therefore, using the medium in reaching the target market will beappropriate as we will have a large group of people getting theinformation. Through the adverts, we will manage to use the mostattractive ways of communication and reach to all ages. The messagewill be courteous such that it will be customer friendly. The advertswill portray an interesting picture of the product that will capturethe attention of the viewers. It will also direct the viewers to awebsite where they will get more information about the company andthe product.

TheRelevant Integrated Marketing Communication

Thecompany wishes to reach to every consumer and attend to them at anindividual level. Besides, there is a great desire for extending themarket. Therefore, the marketing communication, in links of theadvertisement strategy, aims at expanding the market for the product.

Useof personal contact

Thewebsite will provide a platform where the customers will leave theirpersonal contacts by choice to get more information about theproduct. The personal contact will include emails as we as the mobilephone numbers. Therefore, through the messages and the cell phonenumbers, we will manage to send emails and messages to the consumersadvertising the product as well as giving them the link to thewebsite where they can get more information. The messages will bevery friendly and courteous to consumers and the information as wellas contacting us will be free of charge service.

TheUse of social media

Thecompany will use the social media also to get to the targetconsumers. Adverts will be posted on the social media as the companywill have accounts there. The employed individuals who will berunning the accounts will freely communicate to the interestedindividuals and also direct them to our website. The employees willalso be requested to post a marketing message on their websitetogether with the link to the site where the individuals will getmore information about the company. Therefore, the company and theemployees will coordinate to communicate to the target consumersabout the business and the product.


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