Marry Apple Juice Company

MarryApple Juice Company

MarryApple Juice Company

MarryApple Juice Company commenced its operations in 2013 dealing with theproduction of Apple juices manufacturing. The company is located atthe edges of New York. Over time, the company has gained popularityand even entered international market fronts. Amongst the continentsthe company has set sight on includes Asian and Europe. It hasestablished the main depot at Munich-Germany, Jerusalem, Cape Verdeand South Africa. The management has also set up plans to ventureinto South American markets and North American too. With its alreadyestablished fan base, the company has made a promising start ensuringprofitability in the last two years it have been in operations.Recent statistics taken by a major statistic bureau have shownpositive growth and development of attitude towards the brand. Onthis regards, it is among company’s major plans to strengthen thegrounds and ensure future success is guaranteed. Ranging fromgeographical advancements, economic expansions and increase inproduction, the management have plotted the best way forward toensure whenever customers need apple juice, is there for them. Therefore, this paper focuses on exploring themarketing structure regarding the .


The’s struggles on a daily basis to make itsenvironment the best working place for any individual. It is itsgreatest desire to offer the best of customers’ expectations. Thecompany also envisions pleasing the customers as well as all thestakeholders. The company’s portfolio provides maximum qualitybeverage brands. It is the policy of the organization to work on leanproduction formula and encompasses fast production procedures hencemaximization of available resources.


MarryApple Juice Company’s Roadmap begins with a strong missionstatement that represents endurance. It confirms the company’s needto serve people, as well as serve the social welfare to make thisworld a better place to live. Decisions made are for the bestinterest of customers.


Thecompany logo will include a half apple ripe – half unripe pictureand a can on top of the apple to represent the company.

Goalsof the company.

Thegoals of an organization are the consequences of what theorganization needs to accomplish. In this way, the promoting goalsought to fit into the organization and give backing to the generaloperation of the organization (Nieuwenhuizen, Rossouw &ampBadenhorst, 2008). For the organization to succeed in its operation,the showcasing goals ought to be quantifiable. This way, the goalsought to be particular, and additionally reasonable. In a perfectworld, to have a building square of the advertising system, MarryApple Juice Organization must set up both short and long haul goals.The followings are the built up fleeting goals to be achieved withinthe following five years and the long haul goals, to be accomplishedinside of the accompanying five years.

Shortterm goals

Shortterm goals are objectives set by an organization to be accomplishedwithin a short period, maybe less than a year or slightly more thanthat. They are not many as making many of them would accompanytroubles in achieving them. goals are to beachieved within the next one-two years. The factors to considerincludes being realistic, expense and labor needed.

MarryApple Juice Company goals are

• Topenetrate North American Market as well as the North American market.

• Tocreate awareness amongst customers online and around the globe overthe existence of the product.

• Tohave all types of apple juices available to customers.

• Makeimprovements to the units produced per year

• Ensureexported units were increased my more than half current production.

Longterm goals

MarryApple Juice Company endorses simple realistic and reasonable goals tobe achieved over the long-run life of the company. Even whenachievement of the goals might appear to be at infinity, Marry AppleJuice Company is going to back-up its existence upon achievement ofthe long-awaited success. The long term goals for Marry Apple JuiceCompany are actual, easy and reasonable. (Rudolph, 2008).

Thegoals include

• Toestablish a long lasting brand name in the market and compete withhuge international corporations like Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi inProduction of Soft drinks.

• Toallow strategically selling the brand to sustain long-term market aswell as short-term selling.

• Amendand come up with better marketing strategy and policy.

• Implementthe policy to perfection and ensure the workers observe it to theletter.

• Tocreate a reward platform and any other client retention and loyaltystrategies in the established markets and the new markets.

ExternalOpportunities and Threats

ASWOT analysis is a structured planning tool that is used by firms toevaluate their strength, weaknesses, threats, and The Inwardcomponents are those that the firm can control while the elementsthat are passed the association`s control are called outside elements(Agarwal etal.,2012). Threats are variables outside the business environment thatcan antagonistically influence the company`s execution. Then again,open doors are the outside variables that a firm can benefit from toyield more prominent execution. Below are the opportunities andthreats .


• Thegrowing demand for apple juices and especially due to appleassociation with religious beliefs.

• Lackof gigantic international company dealing with the production ofjuices.

• Healthpolicies that encourage the consumption of natural products in theform of juices and fruit (Agarwal etal.,2012).

• Theeminent need for a company producing nutritional value natural foods

• Thejuice has a substantial lifespan on the shelves of the shops.Assisted by the innovations and increase in technology that allowspreservation of products for as long as a year or more.


• Themarket to be explored has fierce competition from rival firms.

• Therehave been increased Inflation in the recent past which might lead toreduced prices making the cost of production high and profitabilitylow.

• Sometarget foreign market has harsh policies on imports especiallygrowing economies that have to protect their markets.

• Heavytaxes and high marketing prices of commodities.

• Thereexist other juices that can complement Apple juice something thatposes a threat in case they offer cheaper values for their products.

Strengthand weaknesses

Likewise,an organization`s SWOT investigation is organized to uncover theweaknesses and the strengths of any business (Xu, 2005). In abusiness strengths and weaknesses are alluded to as the interiorvariables that influence business operation. For this situation, thestrengths of are the elements that willpermit the organization to work all the more successfully. Thestrengths of the organization will upgrade its operation more thanits rivals. Then again, the weaknesses of include those elements that will make the organization experiencehigher expenses and experience lower profitability. But as it may bein any organization, weaknesses can be made strides.

Thestrengths and weaknesses of are


• Anothercompany dealing with Apple line of production has been established inCalifornia this year

• Revisionof government policies on the sales of natural juices poses aweakness in the operation of the company in the long run.

• Lackof sufficient staff as at now to deal with

•Incapabilityto serve new markets that the company is intending to open. Forexample, in America.

• Unskilledemployees that may make be at adisadvantage position compared to old rivals in the market


• Productionof products that ventures natural juice is worth at such a time whenlifestyle diseases are killing sporadically and hence people areturning to it

• Manycustomers have a strong affiliation to apple juices, and a majorityof the populace believe apples are the most superior fruits.

• Aunique selling plan that will result in expanding its market.

• Increasedproduction of natural juices and campaign against genetically orchemically produced juices.

Environmentalanalysis of the

Environmentalanalysis is highly dependent on the external market factors(Bhattacharyya,2011).The areas looked into under this section are the ones likely toinfluence the end results of the company. Hence, for the Marry AppleJuice Company, the analysis is necessary because it will identify thetrends and measure their effect to the running of the business. Assuch, conducting the marketing analysis for will require one to sub-divide the analysis into some sections.


Underthis section, all economic aspects of the business that are likely tomaximize the business are evaluated (Bryson, 2012). Some of the mostimportant aspects of the base marketing of the company includes butare not limited to unemployment, inflation, market interest rates,share capital of the business. All the reports will be compiled toensure the marketability of the business is not negatively affectedby the factors.


Accordingto Lalkaka (2006), we living in the 21st century, and as such, it ishighly undeniable that huge technological advances are going to occurwith changing times. will focus sufficientamount of manpower to ensure high technological devices are used inproduction and administration departments. All technological aspectslikely to affect the business shall also be addressed.


Legalanalysis in marketing terms entails all governmental jurisdictionsthat could alter the functioning of the company (Powell etal.,2012). Since the government has already come up with policieslimiting production of Natural juices, it is evident the governmentwill affect the running of the company. The regulation imposed by thegovernment include taxes and other incentives developed by thegovernment.


Forthe case of , the investigation directeddemonstrates that the organization may be influenced by socioculturalvariables that incorporate the present pattern of society`s way oflife, individuals` taste, and whatever another social part(Tassabehji, 2003). Significantly, this will influence the businesssector size focused by the organization. Another social pattern thatwill probably influence the business is development rate and thepopulace size.


Differentpolitical perspectives assume a significant part in deciding the rateof accomplishment in the journey to extend the Marry Apple Companymarket destinations. The political investigation that was completedin regards to the business sectordemonstrated that the business is prone to be influenced bycomponents, for example, enactment and regulations. All thingsconsidered, the investigation demonstrated that the organization isworking in a managed political environment.


Theaggressive investigation directed demonstrated that for Marry AppleJuice Company to have an upper hand, the organization ought to haveboth unmistakable and impalpable assets. Such assets will beresources and mechanical assets.

Theprimary and secondary market of the Company.

Theorganization has an in number history in the generation of valueadministrations that match the buyer inclinations and interest. TheAmerican market and worldwide markets have potential purchasers whoincline toward squeezed apple and along these lines with its highnotoriety in quality Marry Apple Juice Organization will appreciatemore extensive piece of the overall industry

Theprimary target

MarryApple Juice Company identified and targeted primary audiences likechildren and family consumers. Children will gain great nutritionbenefits.

TheSecondary target

Secondarytarget as compared to primary target constitutes a much lessersection of the populace. On this particular plan, social mediaconsumers will be targeted by heavy online marketing.


MarryApple Juice Company has experienced incredible progress over its pasttwo years of operation. With the application of the 4Ps, STP, and5Cs, has a completive advantage togetherwith a wider market share. have developedrealistic goals, strategies and target market that will enhance thesuccess of the business guarantee it revenue.


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