Marketing Marketing



Marketinghas become a critical profession since companies need the input ofmarkers in the modern market than ever before. The increase incompetition has forced companies to use the services of trainedworkforce of markers to enhance their competitiveness. This paperwill focus on the impact of marketing in modern business and careeropportunities for markers.

Impactof marketing

Marketingprofessionals play a critical role of familiarizing the company’sbrand to potential customers and to some extend building the image oftheir employer organization and different departments. These rolescan be classified into brand development, competitive intelligence,and public relations (Henderson, 2014). Markers develop publicrelease and marketing content that popularize their employer`s brand.Effective marketers also conduct extensive research to assess thecompetitiveness of employer brand and provide intelligence orinformation that can help other departments (such as production) inensuring that the brand meets specific needs of potential clients(Henderson, 2014). The broad tasks of marketing professionals requirethem to interact extensively with other departments (such asresearch, manufacturing, and sales), where they supply informationabout the market conditions (including trends and change in customerpreferences) to these departments.

Survivalof a company without marketing people

Thereare two factors indicating that a company cannot survive without theinput of marketing. First, a company cannot create brand awarenesswithout marketing people, which means that the company will not haveadequate sales to maintain its going concern (Howie, 2015). Secondly,customers want to feel the brand as being personal, which can only beachieved through the efforts of the marketing people, who engage withpotential buyers, win their trust in the employer’s brand, andinfluence the buyers’ decision to make the purchase. Without themarketing people, the company will lose touch with clients, whichwill in turn reduce its market share, and sales.

Futurefor marketing

Thereare three major trends that will change the future of marketing.First, the user-generated content will gain popularity more than thebranded content. This means that companies will create a positiveperception in the minds of consumers through blog and social mediaposts (Newman, 2015). Secondly, marketing agencies will startbecoming educators. For example, marketing agencies will be able tocreate online content, mentoring programs, and the membership sites.Third, mobile devices will become centers for marketing (Newman,2015). It is increasingly becoming easier to create marketingcontents and upload it online using smart devices.


Thereare two major factors that would make me consider a career inmarketing. First, the marketing industry is currently at its dynamiccrossroad where technology is giving the field a new direction whilean increase in competition has made marketing a key determinant ofthe company’s survival (Howie, 2015). Secondly, the dynamic changesand the need to integrate technology in marketing create a platformto use one’s creativity, which make careers in marketing moreinteresting.

Bestindustry for a marketing professional

Thebest industry that I would like to offer my services as a marker isthe technology industry. This is because technology industry ischaracterized by rapid advancement, obsolescence of products, andemergency of new products in the market. This makes marketing in thetechnology sector a challenging opportunity that forces markets tomaximize their creativity and innovation.


Marketerscontribute to organizations through brand development, competitiveintelligence, and public relations. Companies may not be able tosurvive without marketers because marketing is the only reliablestrategy for enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales.Marketers can work in different industries, but the technology sectorpresents them with more challenging opportunities.


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