HatterBenefits to the needs of DeLand merchants

HatterBenefits has been capable of bringing together and attracting a poolof students with a local business of DeLand. The institution hasgotten adequate exposure to over 3000 students of Stetson Universitybased on the American Association. The exposure to thepotential customer has helped the institution continually grow theirmarket share and gaining a competitive advantage and increasing theirprofit margin.

Thereare various firms in DeLand however, Hatter Benefit program has beenessential to stand out from the crowd and achieving higher revenues.Therefore, the features/benefits of Hatter Benefits are vital to anybusiness and can be sold through effective marketing programs such assales calls and personal selling.


HattersBenefit is a superior choice than any other alternative available tomerchants. One of the major advantages of Hatter Benefit is that theprogram in cost effective way of attracting potential customers. Theprogram also offers an opportunity to track and analyze the behaviourof the customers. This ensures room for improvement for customersatisfaction and enhancing value creation. Another competitiveadvantage of this program is that it is flexible enough and themerchant is capable of choosing among range of three packages and canbe amended when the need arise (Guiltman,2010).

KeyLearnings from the use of personal selling

Oneof the concepts brought about by the sales calls is that engaging ina conversation with the decision maker is a big obstacle. This isbecause in most cases, the decision makers have no time to talk withthe salesperson. Another challenge established was the lack of trustwith the salespersons. There is therefore a need to prooftrustworthiness for one to get the potential customer to listen toyou as the salesperson (Guiltman,2010).The fact that most conmen/women have tried to use calls has increasedthe need for a precaution.

Inconclusion, we have seen that sales calls is an essential mode ofmarketing and every firm should make use of it to reach theircustomers more quickly and effectively. It is also important for thesalesperson to maintain a positive attitude for the customer to givethem a chance to hear what they have to offer.


Guiltman,S. (2010). Management: Strategies and Programs.London: McGraw Hills/Irwin.