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Oneof the major aspects of a business entity is its approach towardsinforming and delivering the products to the target market. This inturn brings along the marketing strategy of the business. In a simpledefinition, a business marketing strategy is a strategy that isdevised by any business towards the realization of its goals andobjectives. A marketing strategy considers how good will be broughtto the customer’s attention, and in turn make the customer buy. Theprimary aim of many businesses is to promote sales and gainsustainable competitive advantage. A marketing strategy identifiesthe best customers to sell products to for higher sales. A companycan employ various marketing strategies (Šalkovska et al 181). Thefollowing paper discusses the marketing strategies that can be usedby Apple Company to sell its newly developed tablets.

Thetarget markets for our Apple tablets comprises of mainly the youth inmiddle and high school. We select this group because of itsheightened interest in technology, electronic gadgets, and associatedproducts. Furthermore, their use of the internet is more diversecreating a market niche for Internet access devices such as the Appletablets (Cook and Victor 200). Their internet accessibility alsomakes it easier for us to reach them via social media platforms andemail. We want the target market to think of our tablets as the bestin the market. This will be achieved through innovation to createtablets that meet all the needs of the customers. Sending a messageof the uniqueness of our product will also promote our brand image ofbeing the best in the market. Producing various tablets with specialfeatures will make them unique in the face of many competitors.Having such an image gives customers the desire for the tablets and asense of accomplishment on purchasing it, which drives sales.

Furthermore,we want the consumers to believe that they are getting value fortheir money when they buy our tablets. We will offer a distinctpricing approach by providing discounts on some features of thetablets. We could incorporate a system where consumers choose thefeatures they want so as to give the consumer a cheaper option andprice elasticity that is beneficial to the company and the customeras well as it gives a sense of value for his/her money (Liao et al202). The Apple Company has several competitive advantages that willcome in handy in promoting the adoption of the tablets by middle, andhigh school students. Brand appeal of Apple is one of the things thatgive the company a competitive edge. Most people consider Appleelectronics a luxury brand. As a result, most people seek after itsproducts and buy them for prestige increasing sales in the process.The popular brand appeal of Apple can be used to market the tablets.

Thecompany also enjoys vast expertise in software and hardwaremanufacturing. Apple gadgets operate on iOS which makes it unique inthe market, unlike the Android OS. For instance, a customerpurchasing an Android phone can choose between many brands such asSamsung, HTC or Sony as they all operate on the same software.However, only Apple gadgets run on iOS thus guarantee Appleprotection from other hardware manufacturers. Apple’s successfulretail strategy is another competitive advantage (Cook and Victor200). The company has retail stores where customers getindividualized attention. The retail store locations are in suitableareas for maximum customer traffic. These retail stores can be aperfect platform to launch new products such as the tablets.Furthermore, the customer service provided boosts customer experienceand promoted sales.

Targetingmiddle school and high school students follow the company’s CSR ofengaging in initiatives that are beneficial to the society. Thetablets will improve education and ensure a good learning experiencefor the students. The technology would give back to the community byenhancing the quality of teaching. The tablets would improve theperformance of students, which in turn leads to economic and societaldevelopment. Targeting this market is in line with the company’sethical principles which demonstrate the Apple’s CSR. The ‘I’in before any Apple’s products stand for innovation that is thegoverning responsibility. The tablets will show how innovationapplies to education. The tablets will also be in line with thecompany’s environmental responsibility by ensuring they have noadverse effects on the learning environment. Finally, Apple is boundby the ethical principle of respect for all individuals that willextend to our target market.

Marketpositioning will enable the company to seize the identifiedopportunities. The ever expanding student population in need oftablets for learning and entertainment presents a valuableopportunity. Having this student’s think of Apple tablets as thebest will ensure that they prefer them to the competitor products. Asa result, they will purchase them and recommend them to othersbecause of their brand loyalty. Therefore, the company will make moreprofits from the identified opportunities leading to its growth. Thecompany will have increased sales by targeting this market which willtranslate to higher profit margins. The company will also build onits brand recognition leading to customer loyalty. The use of Appletablets by middle and high school students acts for the company byintroducing their products to a vast population at their young age.Such students likely to use Apple products throughout the course oftheir lives owing to the real experience they get. Such long-termcommitment to the company builds a pool of loyal customers whoensures the company’s sustainability.

Thetablets sold to the middle and high school students will have aunique position against the company’s other tablets. This isbecause they will be tailored to meet the educational needs of thetargeted population. The single educational software added to thetablet will distinguish them from the other products in the samecategory making it easy to identify them. This will make it easy forthe students and parents to pick them out of the other products.

Inconclusion, a good marketing strategy improves sales and promotes thecompany’s sustainable competitive advantage. The company mustidentify the best clients to sell. Apple’s new tablets will sell inmiddle and high school. They provide a ready market owing to theirinterest in technology and electronics. Therefore, concentrating onthem would guarantee adoption of the tablets. With the main focusbeing t market the new product to the customers, the firm shouldexploit marketing strategies meant for informing and supplying theproduct into the market (Chiu et al 240). This is the main focus ofthe discussed marketing approach.


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