Thecurrent organizational structure seems to exhibit the functionalstructure. It’s is a structure that has problems of decisionmaking. To solve Anne’s project problem, she should try fixing thematrix structure because it contains both the features of divisionaland functional structures. The idea of adding the fifth link is notthe best because the current four links still have issues. Theadditional link will add another problem. The sales link should notbe disbanded because it serves an important role in the lifetime ofthe project. No project can operate without the sales link. If thelink is self-contained, it will add to the communication problems inthe organization. Resources should be allocated according to thefunctionality of the department as their features and functions ofeach department are different. Manual or algorithm approaches may beused. The organization will require professionals and experts in itsdepartments to foster the required change. A self-contained link willwork independently without considering other departments.

Influenceof technology

Fromthis link, the influence of technology has led to the development oforganizational charts. The charts have helped improve the efficiencyof the management of any organization. These charts will define theroles of every manager who is the head of any department. It willalso specify who is supposed to report to one another (Sherman &ampMedia, n.d).

Technologicalchange should be accompanied with the precise tools that are requiredto speed up the activities of the organization. This will involvefaster computers to perform some tasks. This will make anorganization go global. Technology offers managers wide and differentways of approaching different issues in an organization (Boundless,2015).


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