Management, Third Canadian Edition

Management,Third Canadian Edition

Management,Third Canadian Edition

Duringthe start-up of the Globolive, Lacavera made plans to targethospitals and hotels as their new clients for their business. Thiswas because 11 of the company’s 12 clients had gone bankrupt and sothe company had to look for ways that would ensure that it remainedafloat during this period (, 2015). The companyventured into the provision of the mobile phone services at a muchlower cost compared to other players in the industry. This factor ledto increased sales had to maximize on the turnover realized. The CEOalso had to partner with other players in the industry so as to gainan enough spectrum on the next auction during the creation of WINDMobile. He also took various other steps so as to position WINDMobile for potential growth. For instance, in the year 2012, thecompany started looking for the enhancement of collaborations withregional cable and telecommunications companies in a view to fosterthe growth and distribution scope of its network (Schermerhorn andBarry, 2014). This factor would also help to share the costs incurredin the sustenance of the network infrastructure. Lacavera relied somuch on hard work and focused in making the goals of the companybecome a reality.

Giventhe prevailing circumstances that led Lacavera to make thesedecisions, both at the start-up of Globalive and divestiture of WINDMobile, these strategies were non-programmed. The strategies wereonly instituted so as to help save a crisis since these plans did notexist within the company’s goals from the beginning (Castaldo,2014). For instance, the partnership of WIND Mobile with othercompanies was mostly out of the legal and regulatory problems thatthe company had faced as a result of its foreign ownership.


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