Management Process at Amazon


ManagementProcess at Amazon

AmazonAmerica’s number one leading online retail shop offers extensiveshipping services all-round the globe with electronics beingprimarily its specialty. Based on its significant rise, in theindustry, this essay aims at making a presentation of how it hascapitalized on its management process to climb up the ladder so fast.

Havinggone through the initial steps of the management process planning,organizing and directing, controlling is the fourth and final step.It is quite essential and effective with intent of meeting expectedstandards. Through effective controlling, Amazon is able to monitorits operational results by making comparisons between actual andexpected results. Amazon has emphasized on instituting robustprinciples for measuring the performance of its employees. By sodoing, it has ensured that employee performance is closely monitoredthereby capitalizing on effective service delivery hence customersatisfaction. This has emanated to its strong clientele base andbuilding on customer retention making it, the most sought afteronline retail service provider.

Amazonhas the history of quantifying on the authentic presentation of itsservices by its employees. This aims at enhancing on its servicedelivery with intent of beating its competitors. Routine surveys togauge on the company’s performance and trend aimed at avertingpossible downfalls beforehand are done. According to (Vargaset al.,n.d.),Amazon has the convention of comparing the definite routine to thecustomary recital. This aims at comparing on the performance trendthereby ensuring that only expected results emanate from theirservices. Corrective actions are vital at Amazon aimed at refining ontheir management process by doing away with spiteful states thatwould bring down the company.

Goalsset up by Amazon aim at seeing it at the top of the industry beatingits competitors. This it has effectively achieved through itsapproach in the controlling process. By measuring effectivestandards, Amazon successfully does so by evaluating on itsproductivity in terms of profits received as well as feedback fromits customers and competitors. Amazon’s profits have steadily risenover time resulting to its financial stability in the industry. Thishas seen it outshine previous giant Wal-Mart, which reigned for along time. Building on its employee performance has led to employeefulfillment giving rise to increased services efficiency.Productivity at Amazon is amazing, as the company has enhanced oneffective employee satisfaction building on their motivation to servetheir customers. On the other hand, Amazon has capitalized oncustomer satisfaction leading to customer retention hence building ontheir strong customer base. Amazon is keen to observing on timeprinciples, affordable and friendly budgets, revenue allocationideals, increasing on their fair segment in the industry andincreased efficiency all aimed at increasing on its viability(Oliver,2000).

Throughits team of diligent auditors and advisors, Amazon carries outsurveys from time to time aimed at analyzing on its performance. Thisis by making appraisals between their achievements and theirperceived expected results. Strategic control points in terms ofaccrued revenue, incurred expenditures, changing portfolio trendsserve in determining on the progress of Amazon. Benchmarking itscompetitors has also placed Amazon a niche higher in the industry.Through qualified numerical scrutiny on other companies such asWal-Mart, Amazon counts good results (Oliver,2000).

Teamsof qualified and skilled surveyors and auditors from time to timemake surveys aimed at analyzing on the company’s performance. Thisis by comparing the trends of actual performance to what expected ofthe company. According to (Cumberlidge,2007),collecting raw data and gathering as well as keying it in inventoriesis essential. This evaluated with progression of time, which theyhand over to the management who eventually advise the C.E.O on theway forward.

Amazonhas not relented in its bid to take corrective actions moves thathave seen it avoid nasty situations, which if not averted on timewould change its face. Such are like minor instances of customerdissatisfaction, which if blew out of proportion would see the mediacome in thus tarnishing its name. By reviewing its prices over time,Amazon has ensured that it capitalizes on customer satisfaction.Close relations in the claims and insurance department has beeneffective in ensuring that customers claims handle professionally.Due to the heavy traffic on its website, Amazon performs routinemaintenance on the site thus ensuring on achieving best performance(Cumberlidge,2007).Products at Amazon also change face from rebranding with intent ofenhancing on its customers’ needs. Notable is training for Amazonstaff, carried out on a routine basis making them especially theircustomer service excellent. Stringent measures at Amazon have seenthem improve on their shipping and payment services making it easyand fast. Satellite tracking services at Amazon ensure that productsreach their customers at expected destinations safely as its shippingservices are arguably the best any online store has to offer. Thepayment methods are friendly and easy to follow as by a click of abutton a customer from anywhere in the world can place their orderand pay online.


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