Management Information

ManagementInformation Systems (MIS)

Aninformation system is the basis of a crucial managerial task, whichis to gather, process, and distribute information. Since part of thetask of the management is to distribute the information, theinformation system helps in availing the efficiency (Misra 152). Onecan acquire documents in a folder from a particular person within thegroup. Then the information is forwarded to the target group. Thatway, the information is not distorted, and the process is fast. Apartfrom saving time the process is also efficient in that there is lesspaperwork in an office (Misra 152). The papers occupy a large spaceand make the room untidy. The information can also be misplaced ifnot properly stored. However, using the information system makes thedocuments safe, and the office is neat.

Informationsystems facilitate the management functions and processes in anorganization (Misra 152). Therefore, using the information systemwill be the reference point of the information that will facilitatethe management of the issues within the organization. The informationsaved is used as the benchmark and it is not distorted as it is wellkept. Moreover, information systems keep records and information thatneeds to be well kept for future reference or management functions.This shows that information management systems are very essential inorganizations as it they drive accuracy of the control. This isbecause systems save time, and it is efficient and effective.


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