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Clothing and apparel companies such as Lessy Clothing and ApparelLimited (LCAL) can interactively connect with their target marketsthrough social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Instagram, Pinterest andLinkedIn create a specific combination that fits well with LCAL.According to Funk (2015), recent research shows that 73% of brandshave invested heavily in social media and have witnessed increasedperformance influence the outcome. They have reported richness incustomer base, annually sales, brand popularity and reputation. Theimplementation of this marketing plan can position LACL for manybenefits and accomplishments.

The success of the business has always depended on the effectivenessof marketing strategies (Topsümer and Yarkin, 2015). Businesses needto keep up with the continuous changes and the advancing technologyattached to the marketing schemes to stay in position in thecompetitive market industry. Companies cannot ignore the need thatthe social media offers to access billions of real-time insights andmoments for their daily business activities. The various tools insocial media play this role very well creating a platform foroptimization of particular advertisements with precise stipulations(Smith, 2015). However, it is upon the individual business entity topick, implement or even customise specific social media channels thatwill deliver and bring out successful outcomes. This reporthighlights four strategies that this company can effectively use toadvertise on social media aiming at promoting sales through expandingclientele.


According to Smith (2015) until the past modern days, the clothingindustry has shied and made it late to the social media. Asignificant number of companies refused to adapt to the trend at alland barely participated in one-way communication through socialchannels and RSS feedbacks for sales and support. Some brands in thisindustry expressed fear that this move would weaken the bond theyshared with consumers (Funk, 2013). LCAL can be said to be among thecompanies that will be joining the social media wagon later.Recently, the overall clothing and apparel sales in LCAL havedwindled for suspected reasons attributed to the reduced level ofpopularity. Although the company has been innovative enough torelease new designs more often as recommended, it has not been ableto take its brands to the social media as the contemporary base tolink with the entire class of demographics.

Results of the Research

1: Specific networks support a particular brand image.

According to Smith (2015) in a report of Heinz Research MarketingReport 22% of Americans, interact with social media in multiple timesa day making this the best medium to advertise businesses and brands.There are many social networks in the market, but Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn are worth investingenergy and time (Funk, 2013). These social handles best support theclothing and apparel brand image. Facebook is the best platformoffering a heterogeneous user base. Instagram is a great option forbusinesses such as Lessy that depend heavily on clothing images.Pinterest is an excellent network to reach women especially forclothing and jewellery items or brands. LinkedIn is a wise choice forencouraging connection with corporate influencers (Smith, 2015).

2: Provision of shareable and valuable content.

Creating useful content especially summarised fashionable imagesestablish a stronger brand and reputation because viewers will wantto pass on the message. Creation of multiple versions of an advertwill make viewers come back for more. Figuring out highly visiblecontents on the social network will resonate better with the targetedaudience (Topsümer and Yarkin, 2015). One of the easiest ways tobegin creating valuable and shareable content is by referring toother successful posts and improving on them. Creating a custom landpage will carry the advertisement from one media to another. Toolssuch as BuzzSumo can assist one in finding content pieces thatperform well with the clothing and apparel industry (Smith, 2015).

3: Leveraging influencers.

Focusing on relevance score of the content will eventually establisha company’s audience. Leveraging the audience is a faster approachto engaging existing influencers in this established industry.Mentioning their names, content pieces, and websites willcontinuously notify the viewers of referenced and original works thatclient’s value. Including specific hashtags will enable easyvisibility of the brand online, therefore, creating positiveinteractions with visitors. The objective of this action is to enablesharing the content through all the selected social networks.Consistency and quality will enhance leveraging influencers (Topsümerand Yarkin, 2015).

4: Using social campaigns to endorse the content.

Some of the successful schemes employed to generate new customerleads and gain visibility include the use of contests. Offering theviewers valuable incentives such as discounts makes the campaignproductive and attractive. According to Funk (2013), 67% of Facebookusers like clicking on discount offers. In a specific case study,Diane Von Furstenberg Line, a clothing company made huge sales afterrunning a 35% off sale for the items (Topsümer and Yarkin, 2015). Itis worthy to note that discounts do not tie to massive organisedevents thus are not the demanding. Making priority and alienatingindividuals who do not use it appropriately builds the brand thatpays off in the long run. Including a hashtag to go along with theoriginal and authentic LACL designs will be leverage to theinfluencers.

Discussion of the Results

This research will assist LACL in attacking the problem at the rootlevel. It will direct the marketing department to realignment and afull consideration of advertising via social media networks. Theexperts’ arguments form an effective basic framework ofimplementing social media advertising. This research will act as aguide that ensures the company stays within the recommended range ofthe suggested strategies by the marketing experts. A pilot scheme canbe established through this research to test the effectiveness ofthis idea. It would be the source of a new angle in the marketingdepartment and overall company performance.


Taking a business such as LACL to the social media network foradvertising purposes will allow the company to attract a largecustomer base perhaps accesses new markets implying possibleexpansions. The easy access, responsive platforms and conversationalnature makes the social media an ideal tool for building customerloyalty and trust apart from adding on to sales. LACL can furthernarrow into selecting appropriate social networking sites and beginuploading attractive advertisements through creative contents. Thenew designs form exclusive shareable and valuable content that willkeep on hitting the targeted viewers. Offering discounts will not bea struggle for LACL, in fact, it will enable the much-needed morevisibility and popularity. Finally, this full plan will work toposition LACL in a competitive edge and market dominance positionthrough increased sales, brand reputation and enlarged customer base.


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