Laboratory exercise

Laboratory exercise


Fill-inSelf Test

  1. Participants (gender, age, ethnicity), design (apparatus or materials) and Procedure.

  2. The results section.

  3. The abstract.

Multiple-choice Self- Test

  1. (c) Introduction, results section.

  2. (c) Abstract discussion section.

  3. (d) Title page, abstract, introduction, method.

  4. (b) Only the initials for the authors’ first and middle names should be used.



  1. Information contained on the title page of the manuscript includes: The running head which appears as a left side header, the page number which appears as a right side header. Full title of the paper follows and is aligned at the center of the page. Authors affiliations are written at the centre as follows first name(s), middle initial(s), and last name(s). The author note is centered at the bottom of the page followed by authors’ affiliated institution or organization.

  2. An introduction elaborates on the topic of discussion, provides context and basis for your work and states your research questions and the possible assumptions.

  3. Grammatical or formatting errors of the sentences.

  1. The number 50 should not begin a sentence instead the sentence could be rewritten to read: The number of participants in the study was 50 students.

  2. The appropriate way to account for an F-ratio is believed to be as follows:

F(1, 12) =6.54, P=.05.

  1. The data in this case is plural. Therefore it should read: The data are presented in table 1.

  2. The word “while” normally refers to time. Thus the sentence would be grammatically correct if it read: “One group of participants took the medication whereas the other group did not.


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