L’ Oreal Key Social Responsibility Activities and Programs


L’Oreal: Key Social Responsibility Activities and Programs

L’Oreal: Key Social Responsibility Activities and Programs

L’Orealis a French company that sells beauty products and cosmetics. It wasestablished in 1909. The company has a huge global presenceespecially in Europe and North America. The products offered by L’Oreal on the market range from skin care oils and jelly, perfumes,hair care, make-up, to sun protection products. It is listed on theEuro Stoxx stock market. Currently, L’Oreal holds the topmostposition in nanotechnology in the United States(Ashraf,Ashraf, Azhar, &amp Anam, 2015). L’Oreal also commissions researchin dermatology, biopharmaceuticals, and toxicology. L’Oreal hascomprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy informed byits value system and ethical principles.

L’Oreal’skey CSR programs and activities

Thefollowing are the on-going programs through which L’Oreal isreaching out to different communities on the world market itserves(L’Orealofficial website, 2015):

TheChairs for Change initiative:The Company empowers and rewards hairstylists from different parts ofthe world. The criteria for awarding the reward and receiving morefunding from the company is that the nominee must be engaged inself-empowering hairstyling activities while also impacting on thelives of their members of their community.

Supportinga children’s’ specialized hospital in New Jersey:L’Oreal’s North American group has a golf charity even that hasbeen existence for the last five years. The event attractssponsorships and donations that have reached $2,000,000 so far.L’Oreal continues to partner with the Children’s hospital indifferent fundraising events such as the Walkand Rolland UmbrellaGalaheld every year.

TheWomen of Worth Initiative:Theprogram aims to empower everyday women who engage in differentpassionate activities to change the world. L’Oreal extends grantsto identified women and sponsors their publicity was a way toencourage other women to follow their passions in changing the world.

TheSave our Skin Initiative:TheSOS program sponsors free skin cancer screenings and also sensitizesthe public about ultra violet rays. The company sponsorsdermatologists to provide free consultancy through the media in aneffort to cause behavioral change.

TheNew York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women Initiative: Theinitiative identifies roles models in the society and attaches themto young black women in New York. So far the program has contributedmore than $300,000 and more than $15,000 for scholarship awards toparticipants annually.

TheHairdressers against Aids Initiative: Thisprogram is co-sponsored with UNESCO where salon professionalsworldwide are empowered to exploit their close contact withcommunities to educate people and help prevent the spread of HIV.

Theeffectiveness of L’Oreal’s CSR programs and activities

Thecompany’s CSR programs and activities are very effective becausethey directly affect individuals. Programs such as “”Hairdressersagainst Aids” have been instrumental in donating funds to thepopulations affected by the Aids a pandemic. L’Oreal focus onwomen and girl empowerment has also been very effective because manyyoung people have had opportunities to get education while hundredsof women have had opportunities to better their lives. The CSRefforts have attracted millions of loyal customers and partners thatwant to be associated with the company.

Thestrength of L’Oreal’s CSR measuring, reporting and communicatingefforts

L’Oreal’smeasurement, reporting and communication of its CSR efforts areeffective due to the following factors (Sawhny,2008):

  1. They have set goals and targets and a time-frame within which they will be realized.

  2. They have measurement programs and allocated resources that are essential for different programs throughout the life of projects

  3. They have qualitative and quantitative features

  4. They have statistics that reflect as an assessment of impacts and outputs on target communities.


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