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Beinga Monday was expected to pay my school fee, since I had received themoney from my parents. However, I felt ill and I decided to go formedical checkup, and then attend the school the following day. When Iarrived at the school, I found my name on the list of students whowere going to be suspended as a result of failing to pay the schoolfees before on deadline. I pleaded with the head teacher, andpresented the medical report to prove I was honest or presenting agenuine reason for lateness. After thorough conversation, the headteacher allowed me to stay at school and I was not suspended.Indisputably, honesty is a key to triumph.


Onthis particular day, I read the news on the global ranking on genderequality between men and women. I was surprised to see Rwanda beenranked ahead of United State by far. Rwanda experienced genocide likea decade ago, while United State so far has not undergone any recentform of genocide apart from racial profiling that has destroyed thecountry’s reputation in form of racial equality. However,considering a duration of 15 years, and a country was build fromscratch, yet women are getting equal share in term of employment andgovernment representation among many more, while the U.S. has beenconsidered as one of the civilized country, yet women are stillstruggling to get a fair share, it surprises me.


Fellill and thought it right to go to medical centre where I would betreated. On arrival a young female doctor did wish to offer herservices to me of which I constantly declined. I only wanted servicesfrom a true doctor who would be a male one this was not ethical ofme for I portrayed myself as an individual who would not promoteequality in the society. Later it was determined that the same doctorthat I did try to avoid would provide the best effective medicalattention. Equality should be promoted within all departments so asto ensure a healthy environment where all people are seen as equal.


Responsibilitystands for being a responsible person. I was left to take care of mysmall brother as my parents attended a couple meeting out of town. Ihad to prove to my parents that I could be a responsible individualand by that I ensured to give my undivided attention to him so as toavoid any harm coming to him. I did not just have to take care of mybrother but I also had to be responsible of the house, this meantkeeping the house in check and maintained.


Itwas a nice evening walking from school just anticipating getting homeand rest for it was a long day. On my way home I notice a group of myfriends from a distance so I decided go check out what they were upto. To my surprise I found them bullying a crippled man along theroad which was really offending for me. I was torn between helpingthe crippled man or just stick on my friends’ side to keep thefriendship. It was unethical act that was really hurting to me but Ijust had to let go to keep them as my friends.

Friday20th November

Whata tensing moment I had that day since I had an exam that I had notprepared well for. I was not so confident on how to tackle the exam.Minutes later the exam was on and everybody in class was so excitedabout the paper since they had studied well. I had an idea to veryfew questions and had decided to stick to only what I know but due tothe excitement of my fellow students it would be shameful for me tofail as they pass so I decided to go ahead and copy.