Journal Entries


Entry 1: Some Areas Involving Ethical Issues: Pay and Benefits.

Thereare many areas where ethical issues emerge, specifically in theworkplace. In this area, pay and benefits constitutes a sensitiveethical issue. The ideal situation is that, both genders are entitledto equal pay for jobs of equal value. The reality, however, is quitedifferent as there exists a gap between the rates of pay for malesand females even if their jobs have equal value. This gap has beenrapidly increasing, in the 1990s women earned 72% as much as menwhile in 2005, they earned 70.5 as much (CLC, 2008). The silverlining in this situation is unionized women who ensure that womenhave improved wages and benefits (CLC, 2008).

Entry 2: Ethical News.

Myunderstanding of this is that these are everyday upcoming issues inthe field of ethics. Morality being a part of life, it is onlynatural that issues relating to it come up on a daily basis. Thesenews are most common in the science, business, media and politicalfields. Ethical news are covered and published online by majorpublishers like New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and HuffingtonPost. Its importance is to inform the public of the moral frameworkconcerning a particular issue and whether it is morally right, forexample for scientists or business to go in a particular way. Forinstance, scientists have recently discovered a way to geneticallymodify embryos (Ball, 2015). This is a controversial subject becausewe have no clear ethical framework for such science (Ball, 2015).

Special Entry: Ethics in Other Courses.

Whilestudying bioethics, we came across a case study that involvedresearch on human subjects. The research was carried out on mentallyunstable children in a particular school. The parents were coercedinto signing their children up for the study as they were told thattheir children will not be granted access to the school if they don`tsign a consent form. From this, there was a discussion about someethical issues that arose from the study. Some of the issues werelike the use of coercion and use of minority population in research.The Declaration of Helsinki clearly stipulates against such conduct(WMA, 2015). The discussion also covered whether the doctors whocarried the study should be sued and on what grounds.