Introduction to Yoga Practice

Introductionto Yoga Practice

Priorthis assignment, I had no experience of yoga practice. Therefore, fora start, I choose to do yoga to unwind and relax. Initially, I wasnervous about the whole session, but I believed I would successfullygo through the whole process. Some time back, I used to think yoga isa spiritual thing, and one had to be spiritual to meditate.Therefore, I thought yoga would not work out for me because I am nota spiritual person. At first, my main determination was to mastermeditation art.

Forsure, yoga has awakened my intentions to live wholly, and well asunwind and relax. After the yoga practice, I am now calm and alert. Ican now face whatever comes my way. I am filled with gratitude, joy,and I accept the present moments. Yoga helped me relax my body. Theautonomic nervous system has rested, and correspondingly relaxed themind and the whole body, as well. I can say that after practicingyoga, my appetite normalized.

However,although it is said that yoga helps in relaxation, it is not an easytask. For me, it was difficult to teach my body how to relax and letgo especially while I was seated breathing in and out saying “I ambreathing in” and “I am letting go.” At times, I could not keepmy mind focused.

Priorthe practice, my body felt tired after working all day hence, mychoice for unwind and relax yoga. Yoga has helped me to promote mypeace of mind by breathing in and out with a balanced routine. Now, Ihave the pleasure to say, yoga is all I need to relax. The wholecourse is fun and insightful especially the silence, the breathing,and mix of postures. It is a peaceful and serene experience, and Iwould recommend it to everyone searching for strategies to unwind andrelax after a busy day.