TheTeam Appropriate To Support My Intrapreneur Idea

Ateam is a collection of persons who come together and linked with thepurpose of accomplishing certain objectives. On the first mention ofthe name, it would suggest a sporting entity. There is no differencebetween a sporting event and the work setup. The basic characteristicthat distinguish a team from other groupings is that a team isconsciously and formed with a purpose. Nevertheless, dynamism existsin the teams exist depending on the setting the team is formed. Ateam formed to participate in a sporting event could be differentfrom a team in a work setting. Back to the main topic, a team in awork setting refers to the permanent or temporary co-workers who worktogether to accomplish a specific task. There are five different ofwork teams that can be established at the work and that depend on thespecific needs of the organization.

Aproblem-solving team is established with an aim of solving a certaindecision accomplishment of which terminate the need for the existenceof that team. Self-managed teams, on the other hand, is a team thathas the authority to determine the task to be awarded to eachparticular member of the team. Third is the cross-functional teamthat is made up of representatives from all functional units withinthe organization who coordinate implementation of the variousoperations within the firm. Work teams on its part are permanent workmates within the organizations who work together to accomplish theday to day processes of the business organization. Lastly is thevirtual team that is a team compost of people from differentgeographical location connected through telecommunication devices andinformation system capability to accomplish the task at hand (Iversen&amp Eierman, 2014).

Dependingon the need of the team, the characteristic of a team may vary.First, size is an important factor that need to be considered.However, the idea size of a team is supposed to between six to sevenmembers. A number below or above that may interfere with the smoothrunning of the team by presenting few opportunities or reducing thelevel of coordination`s. A team needs to have members from differenttechnical ability. My team of choice is the cross-functional team.This is because the team will be able to coordinate the activities ofthe whole organization and the objectives of each department would beeasily be linked to the strategic objective of the organization. Teammembers should be experienced in their various areas ofspecialization and have a good past in performance. Goodcommunication skill and people with recorded of positive characterswould be required in the team to enhance group cohesiveness (Rodger,2015).

HowI Will Recruit

Asthe overall manager, I would be required to recruit people to fillthe team composition. The recruitment and selection process would beformerly established and would include advertising the job vacancyusing the relevant medium of communication. The necessary skills andcompetency would be detailed in the job advertisement. An interviewwould be scheduled to the successful candidates who applied toidentify the ability, skill and professional qualification of thecandidate. The basic skills that the organization would seek toestablish in a candidate would be their ability to communicateverbally, their work ethic, teamwork skills, analytical skills, andtheir level of initiation and innovation. Also, the candidate wouldbe grilled to provide their personal referrals and factors such asthe college job fairs. These factors would help in understanding acandidate better instead of simply using the information in thecurriculum vitae. Social media would be my preferred recruitmentplatform because the organization would need young and innovativetalent. According to a survey, it has also been revealed that 70% ofthe executives use social media to recruit new talent and 83% plan todo the same. That would be the steps taken to undertake the externalrecruitment (Bragg &amp Bragg, 2012).

However,for internal recruitment I would develop a program that develop thetalents to gain the necessary skill required to fill a position thatis likely to exist. Internal recruitment will be the first option tobe considered because the insiders are already aware of theoperations of the company and its system and as such the transitioninto the new position is smooth. The cost of recruitment andselection of insiders to fill a position is down and would also takea little time. The management would also be in a position to selectthe right candidate because candidates may hide their true nature butin the case of insiders, their nature is already known. Therefore,the right candidate would fill the position, and the relationshipbetween the employees would remain the same. All said, the aim of therecruitment process is to find the best candidate for the job and nomatter the source of the recruit whether internal or external have tobe considered. As long the candidates meet the required competency.Skill and qualification, they will be considered without reference totheir racial, religion or even political affiliation (Blythe,Forsyth, Gifford, Hawkins, Kourdi, Maslen, Wright, McCartney, 2014).

PeopleI will need

ComputerProgrammer (3)

Salaryscale ($25-$30/ hour)

Candidatefor the above position will be required to hold the following minimumqualifications.

Amaster’s degree in software engineering or computer science or theclosely related field.

Beconversant with the software algorithm design.

Havethe basic software development fundamentals, software design,debugging and software performance tuning.

Theperson should have at least four-year experience in matters ofsoftware design and development.

Goodproblem-solving skills.

Begood in time management

Benaturally leaders

Technicalknowledge in problem analysis.

Softwareengineer (3)

Salaryscale ($20-$25/ hour)

Candidateto be considered for a position as a software engineer are expectedto hold a minimum of the above qualification.

Bea holder of a software engineering master degree from a recognizedinstitution of higher learning.

Possessgreat team working skills

Haveexemplary numerical and analytical skills

Havepotential of working with another people’s design

Goodcommunication skills

Becognizance with the market requirement

Goodproblem-solving skills.

Besides,the candidates are expected to be persons of high moral integrity andhave a clean past on their moral standing. Candidates will be neededto obtain a certificate of good conduct from the relevant authoritiesto certify the same. Membership to or past participation in projectsthat produced Android products will be considered. Certification invarious programming or software development organization would alsobe an added advantage. The candidates are also expected to providedetails of their former work and clearance form in conformity withlabor laws and other regulations that control the practice.


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